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2022 TCL TV Range Launch
八月 03, 2022


Welcome to the 2022 Range of TCL TVs

The new range of TCL TVs for 2022 have arrived and are now available in-store and online through select retailers.

After another year of dedicated product innovation, TCL are excited to launch the 2022 range of televisions. We'll take a look through the new models and some of the exciting features they come with.

TV Features

Whilst some of these features are not new, as the technology matures they are now being incorporated into more models than before.

Mini LED

The outstanding Mini LED Full Array backpanel technology delivers striking brightness with incredible contrast. Precise LEDs and local dimming zones enhance picture quality and deliver brighter whites, darker blacks, and richer colours. The number of local dimming zones also increases the higher the model, giving more accurate control over colour and contrast on-screen.

Quantum Dot

Also known as QLED, Quantum Dot technology features a layer of light emitting nanocrystals that boost colour vibrancy and deliver accurate control over picture elements. Quantum Dot produces an amazing, true-to-life picture with cleaner whites and an extended array of colours (a wider colour gamut). The wide colour gamut more accurately represents the colours of real-life in all its boldness and subtlety.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

TCL TVs include a number of technologies to boost colour, contrast, and brightness control. HDR and HDR10+ technologies are able to display over 1 billion colours to bring amazing vibrancy to your shows, movies, and games. The Dolby Vision and Dolby Vision IQ standards can handle over 68 billion colours for the most incredible colour accuracy in your entertainment.

Google TV

When it comes to smart televisions, Google TV has been a growing buzzword for some time now. This year has seen the upgrade to Google TV across all TCL 2022 televisions. The new interface is designed to be easy and intuitive to use, and focuses on user access to content. All your accessible content is in one place, including your subscription services plus free channel content.

Google TV also offers viewing recommendations (across all channels and subscriptions), smart device connectivity, and a number of other family friendly features. Read more through our blog on Google TV and its features.

Large Screen Sizes

This year 75-inch TVs are available across all 2022 TCL models, and 85-inch screens on selected models. Of course, if you want to go larger there is still last year's C735 98-inch television .

TV Gaming Technologies

This year has seen a focus on technologies for enhancing TV gaming experiences. Features such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and FreeSync Premium offer adaptive refresh rate synchronisation. This is where the TV is able to adjust its screen refresh rate to match that of the signal coming in from a gaming console (such as an Xbox or Playstation).

These technologies are especially important with intense action sequences where the incoming frame rate may slow due to the high level of processing power the consoles require. With this "adaptive sync", gamers can continue enjoying smooth and uninterrupted gaming sessions without screen-tearing or choppy visuals. FreeSync Premium Pro also adds direct hardware HDR support, boosting colour brightness and saturation.

Other gaming related features include Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which reduces the TV response rates for gaming, and the TCL Game Bar, an overlay offering a set of special widgets for gamers such as screen capture and sharing. With these features combined, TCL offer some of the best TVs for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy.

2022 TCL TV Models

All the TV models listed below for the 2022 launch are 4K resolution and come installed with the Google TV interface. The TCL 2022 TV launch does not include any higher resolution models, however, the excellent X925 Series 8K televisions launched in 2021 are currently part of TCL's product offering.

P635 / P735 Series

The TCL P735 Series and P635 Series TVs are the starting point for 4K resolution and offer excellent value with their feature selection. They include High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Wide Colour Gamut, as well as great sound capabilities through Dolby Audio (upgraded to Dolby Atmos for the P735).

The P735 Series also comes with other smart functions including Hands Free Voice Control, Entertainment Hub, and Chromecast/Apple Airplay 2, plus ALLM for gaming enthusiasts.

C635 Series

The C635 Series is the first model of the TCL 2022 range that adds Quantum Dot technology which offers incredible colour, contrast, and brightness. Together with Dolby Vision and HDR10+ technologies, the C635 Series is a significant step-up in visual capabilities from the P-Series.

The visual features of this series are backed by Onkyo premium audio and Dolby Atmos for brilliant and clear surround sound. Together with Google TV, a set of smart functionality, and an upgrade to HDMI2.1, the C635 Series are great televisions and well worth watching out for.

C735 Series

As we step up to the C735 Series television, we enter the realm of fast refresh rates. The C735 Series offers 4K resolution with high Refresh Rate (120Hz) and TCL's Motion Estimate/Motion Compensation (MEMC) algorithm for smooth, engaging viewing, especially with fast action. These, combined with the brilliant colour fidelity make for spectacular viewing.

Beyond the visual quality, the C735 TVs add Onkyo Audio with Dolby Atmos and DTS-HD support to deliver the impressive soundstage you expect from such a TV. Gamers will also enjoy the addition of VRR 144Hz, ALLM, and Freesync technologies. To top it off, the Google TV and smart functions get a boost with Apple Airplay/Chromecast built-in and Dolby Vision IQ. The C735 is an all-rounder TV for any type of entertainment.

C835 Series

The C835 Series features TCL's amazing MiniLED panel technology offering enhanced colour, contrast, and substantially increased brightness (peak brightness 1000nit). The TCL C835 also includes Dolby Vision IQ and IMAX Enhanced technologies for boosting colour range and fidelity. Plus a low reflection screen surface to reduce reflective glare.

On the audio front, the C835 features a dedicated upfiring audio channel enhancing the already remarkable soundstage driven by Onkyo Audio and Dolby Atmos. Variable Refresh Rate 144Hz plus Freesync Premium Pro with integrated HDR round out the features for gaming. Whatever the choice of entertainment, all users will relish a full suite of Smart Functions and apps.

C935 Series

TCL's premium 4K MiniLED model for 2022, the C935 Series delivers dramatically increased brightness (2000nit peak brightness). Additionally, by increasing the number of local dimming zones, the C935 also boosts screen contrast and control, enhancing the visual capabilities of this television.

The C935's powerful visual features are matched only by its enhanced sound capabilities. Owners enjoy impressive audio through an overall larger speaker system with built-in subwoofer and a dedicated upfiring speaker set. Matched with audio technologies including Dolby Atmos and DTS, viewers will experience greater immersion in all their entertainment.

2022 TV Range Roundup

The launch of these new TVs for 2022 further solidifies TCL's dedication to quality and innovation. They bring a variety of advanced television technologies into the mainstream, and offer something for everyone. Especially of note are the inclusion of features specifically intended to enhance gaming experiences. TV gaming is an increasingly important part of many household's entertainment, and TCL's TVs certainly deliver.

TCL televisions are available in-store and online through a range of reputable retailers.