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CES 2021 Highlights
九月 22, 2021


When it comes to consumer electronics, the most important event of the year is CES – the Consumer Electronics Show. The old annual trade show is organized by the Consumer Technology Association, and it’s held in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

If you’re a brand that makes any kind of tech products, whether laptops or TVs, the show gives you an opportunity to present to your potential customers everything you’re making in the year to come, from technologies you innovate to productivity highlights. Whether that’s an improvement of your current products or future ones that have yet to hit the market, any serious potential customer will keep track of this.

This year’s event was all-digital, which means that brands had a lot of freedom in regards to creativity, and TCL took this opportunity to create a stunning experience for consumers and present a few important products. So, what are the CES 2021 highlights for TCL? Let’s find out what the future holds!

Google TV Comes to TCL TVs

Introduced with the latest Chromecast, Google TV is a massive innovation and a significant improvement to the way people use good old Android TV. The user interface is simpler and comes with a few neat technologies that people asked about with Android TV.

The big improvement is the inclusion of the Assistant. Not only can you use the assistant to control your TV with your voice, but you can also connect it to your Home setup and use other smart speakers in your home for TV control as well. And of course, that integration goes a long way if you’ve already invested in a smart home. You can use your TV to control your video doorbell or set a command to adjust your ambient lighting when you’re watching a movie. And yes – streaming from compatible devices is as easy as ever.

In terms of apps, it allows you to install just about any app that’s compatible with Android TV. It is, after all, a UI that sits atop Android TV. This includes a variety of options, some of the most popular being Netflix, Stan, YouTube, and Spotify. There is also live TV functionality with supported providers, so you can enjoy the channels you watch on an everyday basis without a problem. With over 6500 apps and 30 streaming services, we’re confident that you’ll be able to enjoy the content you want.

The UI goes a long way towards making Android TV more usable, and places everything within easy reach. There are movies, shows, and apps all in different sections, and the company has used its algorithms to deliver an incredibly well-optimized ‘For You’ screen. The content you’ll get is tailored to what you usually watch, and it works like a charm.

As part of CES, TCL announced that there will be compatible models this year as part of the lineup, and they’ll be available in Australia later in the year.

OD Zero Mini-LED TVs Are On the Way

While TCL’s flagship models like the X10 have an excellent mini-LED integration, TCL takes things a step further by announcing the ultra-slim OD Zero technology. The goal with OD Zero is to eliminate the optical distance between the old LCD screen, and the mini-LED backlight layer, which not only results in an ultra-slim TV but also gets you notable advantages in picture quality.

When reducing this optical distance between the diffuser plate and the TV’s light source, there is much less room for any kind of refractive errors. This means that color precision will be increased, and any halo effect will be minimized. For the viewer, this allows you to enjoy the excellent brightness and HDR of the mini-LED panels, with even richer colors, a much more precise contrast, and unparalleled color uniformity.

Even though specific models haven’t been announced, more details will be available in the near future. This is going to be a part of the premium range, so people who want to get the best user picture quality possible should definitely keep their eyes peeled!

XL Collection Offers an Immersive Experience

Aside from all the snacks and the comfortable seats, the main thing about enjoying a movie at the theater is that massive screen. It immerses you in the film and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the action. According to different studies, a 50- to 60-degree field of view in front of a massive screen goes a long way towards making a viewer feel that way, which is where the XL Collection aims to please.

The collection is all about big panels, and by big, we mean 85”. Even though an 85” TV is less than 18” wider than a 65” TV, it delivers 71% more viewing area, which is astonishing. If you have the room to fit such a massive TV, the XL collection should be right up your alley.

To add to this, the XL Collection isn’t all about flagships. Yes, you’ll get to enjoy 8K TVs with QLED panels and OD Zero mini-LED technology with thousands of contrast control zones that give you unparalleled pleasure while watching your favorite movie. But if you don’t want to spend that much and still want to enjoy the big screen, the XL Collection will also offer entry-level models that are easier on the wallet, but get you an impressive 4K HDR performance. And then there are the mid-range models of the collection, which includes 4K QLED panels with multiple contrast control zones and Dolby Vision.

The XL Collection has one goal – bring the big screen to the comfort of everyone’s home, regardless of how much they’re willing to spend.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality with Breeva A3 and Ocarina

If you think your home’s air is polluted, the Breeva A3 is TCL’s latest product to innovate the way you deal with that. The air purifier comes with the Breeva Shield technology, a shield made up of ionizer and UV-C light that handles both bacteria and airborne microbes (up to 99.97%) and comes with a three-stage filtration system. This system deals with not just pollen and dust, but also smoke and pet odors in the air.

The Breeva A3 is made for spaces of up to 32 meters squared and has the ability to clean up to 270 cubic meters per hour. And to help you sleep better, it also comes with a display off feature, as well as an Ultra Quiet mode of operation. It’s going to make a significant impact on your living quality!

But that’s not all TCL announced – as part of the CES 2021 highlights, there is also the Ocarina smart air conditioner. Conventional air conditioners require a remote, but Ocarina can connect with any compatible smart devices making control much easier. This includes not just TCL’s smart TVs, but also smartphones and other devices compatible with the Assistant.

Aside from working as a conventional air conditioner, the Ocarina comes with a Deep Clean feature which combines washing, drying, and anti-bacterial technology for even cleaner air. There is also a function to automatically clean the evaporator, which not only saves you labour but also saves a bit of energy.

Users who want to improve their daily life at home and enjoy cleaner air will love both, and if you want to make the most of it, combining them in your home will work wonders. But there’s one more thing that’s worth discussing, which ties everything we spoke about together.

Everything Ties Into the TCL Home App

Go back to the beginning of this post, and re-read all of the CES 2021 highlights, but while keeping another thing in mind – all of the products announced at CES 2021 will work together with the new TCL Home app.

The app offers a smart and intuitive way of controlling your appliances and is compatible with any wifi-enabled device from TCL. It adds a new layer of control and functionality you would need separate software (and sometimes hardware) to obtain, such as remote control for your devices, the ability to issue voice commands via Alexa and the Assistant, setting timers and schedules, and a variety of other things. And best of all, you won’t need a hub or other centralized solution.

The TCL Home app goes a long way towards creating a smart home environment that you can control from a single device, rather than having different standards for different devices. From playing content on your 85” OD Zero mini-LED TV on Google TV compatible apps to managing and improving your air quality with Breeva A3 and Ocarina, you get everything in one place. And that’s what the smart home is all about – convenience, and you get more than plenty of it.