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Complete your gaming setup: Why your TV is the missing piece to next-gen nirvana
八月 19, 2022

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It’s been a long 2 years for gamers…

The current generation of gaming hardware has taken a lot longer to become the benchmark this time around.

Crypto mining drove the price of PC graphics cards up to heights that only hardcore hardware enthusiasts were willing to pay.

High demand for both next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, created one of the most bizarre and frustrating supply shortages in the history of the gaming market. It didn’t help that the ever-exploitative foresight of scalpers made the supply shortage even more annoying.

A global pandemic didn’t do anything to help the supply chain distribution either.

Bottom line, over the last two years, if you wanted to play games in all their next-gen glory, you more than likely had to pay a lot more than retail.

Gaming equality is finally here.

At long last, the dust has started to settle, and the long-awaited hardware balance is starting to sweep across the gaming landscape.

All those eager gamers who optimistically put their names down on waiting lists for a next-generation console, or the PC gamers who rode out the storm of extortion to purchase their GeForce RTX 3090 at a reasonable price, have finally been rewarded with their next-generation gaming platform of choice.

There is, however, one thing that often gets neglected in the hysteria of securing the latest gaming hardware. The humble TV.

In the race to secure your next-generation gaming platform, did you ever stop to consider upgrading your TV?

Chances are it was the last thing on your mind… If it even crossed your mind at all.

Why your TV needs to be your priority.

With the anxiety that comes with the cost of upgrading to the newest gaming appliances, one of the last things people think about is their display.

Most people tend to keep their TVs until they don’t work anymore, and only then do they consider upgrading to a more current model. TVs are usually the most expensive piece of an entertainment set-up, so understandably a large portion of the general public are tentative about spending generously on a high-end solution.

The problem is, if you’re investing in the latest and greatest video game hardware that can push pixel counts and refresh rates to previously never experienced levels, then it’s blasphemous to not have a TV that can display the grunt your gaming hardware is pumping out.

As gamers, we are at a very interesting stage in the evolution of gaming technology.

The last few gaming eras haven’t been as big of a jump in hardware capability as we would have expected because 1080p (Full HD) was the standard for so long. Now, 4K (Ultra HD) is unquestionably the global norm for TVs, which has resulted in video game hardware being forced to make a substantial leap in performance to complement the superior displays dominating the market now.

Features you don’t want to miss out on.

The increased power in modern hardware also gives consoles the ability to support new features such as High Dynamic Range rendering (HDR), where high contrast visuals don’t suffer any loss of detail, allowing the blackest blacks and brightest brights to all display in their sharpest visual fidelity.

Ray tracing has become a much-desired feature in games for providing realistic lighting reflections and refractions, delivering more accurate and immersive shadows in graphics.

Thanks to the boost in performance, games now perform at more than twice the refresh rate, going from the standard 60hz to 120hz (144hz if you have a beastly PC) in 4K without breaking a sweat. Variable refresh rates (VRR) also allow lower latency times, providing less image tearing and higher image quality, enabling you to be at your most competitive when battling fellow gamers online.

These are becoming standard features in the modern gaming era, but they are all redundant if you don’t have a TV that supports them.

The missing piece.

TCL has a wide range of TVs that support all these shiny new features at a price that fits comfortably into your gaming budget.

The Series 6 TVs are a perfect example of budget-friendly displays that are future proof built for the latest, most demanding games, offering you a gaming experience worthy of the next-gen moniker.

With 4K UHD, 120hz and Dolby Vision (HDR 10) support, you’re getting a TV that is designed to maximise the power of your latest gaming hardware that no other brand can claim to do in this price range. Our cost-effective series 6 range provides all the visual bells and whistles your PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can throw at it.

And if you’re a PC gamer who likes to take your gaming experience to the extreme limits of the third dimension, then TCL have you well and truly covered too. Check out our range of gaming TVs to find one that’s the perfect pairing for your gaming environment and hardware.

The way games are meant to be played.

With a TCL TV, you no longer need to worry about your TV being the weakest link in your quest to build the ultimate gaming set-up.

Supporting all the most cutting-edge features for less than what the latest graphics card or a new games console has cost in recent years, a TCL TV is the missing piece that will instantly transport you to the highest quality gaming experience currently achievable, at the lowest possible price.