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Freezer Buying Guide
四月 20, 2022

freezer buying guide

When looking to purchase a dedicated chest freezer for your household, the functions and features of the freezer are extremely important to take into consideration.

Why a Chest Freezer?

Having a separate freezer in your household provides an added level of convenience to your day to day life. It allows you to take advantage of food specials, buying groceries in bulk and storing pre-made meals. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and available space, this will determine which size of freezer is ideal for your household.

Chest freezers are the most economical options for frozen food storage. They are more efficient to operate than the typical fridge freezer. They hold their temperature efficiently, meaning they use relatively less energy when running than upright freezers. This is evident with the TCL range of chest freezers.

Furthermore, chest freezers offer considerably greater storage capacities. Larger, more cumbersome items are easily stored as chest freezers are not as compartmentalised as those in a fridge. The added bonus is that you'll get much of your fridge freezer space back for those everyday items. This also means that you get much better value for money compared to upright freezers.

If you are interested in a more conventional fridge/freezer combination, check out the TCL range of Top Mount Fridges.

Chest Freezer Features to Look For

Obviously, capacity is a prime consideration when purchasing a dedicated freezer. What will you want to store, and where will the freezer be placed?

Slideable Storage Basket

One of the absolute musts with a chest freezer is a slideable basket. This offers the flexibility to store smaller items easily whilst keeping them accessible. To store or reach larger bulky items, simply slide the basket aside to gain access. TCL chest freezers have thoughtfully added this feature.

Temperature Control

With a large capacity chest freezer, you'll want to have easy access to the thermostat, in order to adjust the temperature for the fullness of the freezer. TCL has conveniently placed the thermostat in an easily accessed front corner of the freezer, allowing you to maintain the peak quality of your stored food.

Adjustable Feet

Not all floors are created equal! The ability to adjust the feet of your freezer makes it much easier to keep the freezer level and stable. TCL have taken a step further with the addition of rolling stands, allowing for easy moving and cleaning of the chest freezer.

Manufacturer's Warranty

Lastly but certainly not least, chest freezers should have a good manufacturer’s warranty yo backup their quality. TCL offers a 3 year manufacturer's warranty for their range.

The TCL Range of Chest Freezers

TCL released two generous chest freezers in their 2021 line-up

  • The F145CFW offering 145 Litre capacity, and;
  • The F200CFW offering 198 Litre capacity.

These modern designed freezers allow for added flexibility and capacity of food storage, and convenient storage of bulk foods items.

The TCL range of chest freezers can be found online and instore at great Australian retailers such as…