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Fridge buying guide
五月 05, 2022


A fridge is one of those everyday items we take for granted but seldomly need to purchase. Buying a new fridge can be a daunting task, but an important one for many homes.

For many purchasers it can be many years since they last bought a fridge. With the new technologies and advancements that have been made in recent years, it is important to make a good choice. You want to ensure you get a new fridge that will not just work well, but will do so long enough to take it for granted again.

Here are a few features and other elements you should look out for before committing to a new fridge for your household.

Fridge Measurements

The number one on the list is something that is often overlooked or misjudged.

When looking at new fridges, everyone wants to maximise the litres of inside space to access as much storage capacity as possible. Whilst this is great, you have to consider the fridge space you have to work with in your kitchen. You'd be surprise how many people get their new fridge home only to discover it will not fit. The solution is easy, however.

Before you start looking for your new fridge, take measurements of the space in your home where the fridge is to fit. Measure the maximum height, width, and depth of the space and write these down so you don't forget.

Next, all fridges require some space around them to allow good airflow for effective cooling of the compressor. This will allow your new fridge to work at optimal levels. This measurement will need to be deducted from the previously noted measurements of the space in order to give you the ideal maximum dimensions for your fridge.

Finally, consider which way the door will need to open to allow easy access to the fridge contents. Luckily, all the models in the current range of TCL fridges offer reversible doors for maximum flexibility in this regard.

Fridge and Freezer?

Most households need a freezer, whether as a combination fridge/freezer or a separate unit. A freezer helps reduce food wastage by providing a space for long-term food storage. TCL has you covered with a selection of different size fridges, dedicated chest freezers or the classic fridge/freezer combination known as a "top-mount" fridge.

Fridge Capacity

Now that you have your maximum measurements, and have decided what style combination you want, you can look at capacity. You will ideally want to get the maximum capacity that will fit your space, and your personal or family needs.

TCL have a great range of size and capacities a wide cross-section of requirements.

  • P491TMS – 420 Litre Top Mount Fridge
  • P362TMW – 334 Litre Top Mount Fridge
  • P221TMW – 198 Litre Top Mount Fridge
  • F95SDW – 95 Litre Bar Fridge
  • F42SDW - 41 Litre Bar Fridge

Other Fridge Features To Consider

Of course, there are many more features to consider aside from capacity.

Smart Invertor

The inverter compressor is the component that creates the low temperatures within the fridge or freezer.

Intelligent inverter technology adds even more; it constantly monitors the conditions inside the fridge and adjusts to maintain a constant and consistent temperature. This makes the fridge more energy efficient, more durable, and quieter than conventional compressor fridges.

The TCL 420L fridge model offers intelligent inverter technology for quiet and energy efficient food storage.

Frost Free Operation

Frost free technology prevents the build-up of ice by automatically defrosting itself. This helps maintain clear airflow which means your fridge runs more efficiently. Additionally, you won't need to manually defrost and clean your fridge and freezer on a regular basis; an unpleasant chore to say the least!

All current TCL Top Mount fridge models offer frost free operation.

Easy to Clean and Adjustable Glass Shelves

Adjustable shelves allows for easy storage and effortless cleaning. Additionally, with glass shelves you won't have that old brittle plastic that can crack and discolour. Furthermore, the glass shelves are more durable and sturdy, and also allow better light to spread throughout the fridge.

Other than the smallest bar fridge, all TCL models come with glass shelving.

Interior LED Lighting

This is a must have feature as LED lights are brighter and produce less heat than the old conventional bulbs. They are more energy efficient and longer lasting as well, this definitely also helps when you have a late night craving. TCL once again delivers with great lighting in their fridge range.

LED lighting is offered with all TCL Top Mount fridges.

Super Cooling/Freezing Mode

What a great feature! The Super Cooling mode allows the fridge to readjust its temperature rapidly if it has dropped, such as after restocking from a shopping trip. This helps maintain optimum food freshness and a consistent environment within the fridge.

You can find this feature on TCL fridges.

Dedicated Humidity Controlled Crisper Drawer

A dedicated crisper drawer not only controls temperature, but the humidity as well. This is a fantastic feature that allows you to keep your fruit, vegetables and salads fresher for longer. Keep those carrots crisp and stop your salads from wilting.

All TCL fridge models with crisper drawers include the humidity control technology.

Manufacturer's Warranty

As with any device you expect to be around for a while , it should come with a good manufacturer’s warranty. With TCL you can rest easy with their 3 year manufacturer's warranty for their full range of fridges.


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