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Gaming TVs: Buy The Best Gaming TV in 2021 I TCL Australia
四月 09, 2021

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If you're a gamer, and want to be immersed in the world of video games, having the right gaming TV in your home is a must. After all, winning on these big screens creates a widely different experience than playing on your PC or phone. Whether you use the latest PlayStation, Xbox, or another console, a good feature such as high resolution or bright picture on your gaming television might make a significant change in your world of action. Find out what TV is best for you!

If you’re one of those gamers who love playing on big screens, you are likely more than aware of your need for a quality gaming TV. Many of our customers simply assume that all TVs nowadays can be used for gaming, which is why we wanted to highlight the features your TV needs to fire up your imagination and assure more wins.

Best TV for Gaming: Which Features to Look for

Just like any other piece of technology, you can’t expect to use a TV  for gaming if its features don’t provide you with everything you need for an extraordinary experience. The good news is that gaming TVs in 2021 are more affordable than ever before, so you can expect excellent quality for the dollars you’re willing to invest. Also, don’t forget that a good gaming TV can serve as a regular smart TV, only that you’ll be in for a lot more fun.

With multiple tiers of 4K gaming TV, the price and size will vary depending on your budget and room dimensions. For those looking to upgrade because they want the newest generation consoles, we’d strongly advise buying a 120Hz 4K TV. On the other hand, if your beloved games are on Playstation or Xbox, here are another few factors you’ll need to take into consideration.

Picture and Interface

Similar to regular smart TVs, your focus should be on picture quality. In other words, your gaming world should look as vivid as your real one in terms of colour and other factors to make everything look as realistic as possible. Besides picture, another feature that will play a key role is the user-friendliness of the TV. Pay attention to aspects such as interface design, remote ergonomics and more importantly, input lag.

Input Lag

The amount of time between when a TV receives a signal and the update on display is called input lag. Your performance on timing-focused games will be tremendously affected if you choose a TV with low input lag. As a true gamer, you want to have precise control over the game instead of getting frustrated with lag that steals the win away from you, right? If so, keep an eye out for TVs with input lag between 30 to 40 milliseconds because these will provide you with the desired experience.

Refresh Rates

We have already mentioned 120Hz 4K gaming TV, but what does this feature actually mean? It refers to refresh rates, which is the number of times a screen will draw the picture per second, and all good TVs nowadays have at least 60Hz. However, for playing games, you should consider TVs that have 120Hz as they will provide you with twice as many frames per second. Those who have been in the gaming world for a while now will be happy to hear that VRR (variable refresh rates) are slowly making their way to TVs, bringing more value for gaming TV investments.

Finding the Perfect Gaming TV

So, how do you find a gaming TV that not only will satisfy but will also improve your performance? If your budget is tight, decide which of the features mentioned above are an absolute requirement. For instance, maybe the room you plan to put your TV in isn’t very spacious, so you choose the one with a smaller screen. Don’t worry about this affecting image quality or response time - you will easily find the best gaming TV with smaller dimensions yet incredible features.

A quality image should be your first priority, and sound should be your second. Sound design is a crucial feature for a great gaming experience, and the arrival of surround sound gaming will definitely amplify that experience even more. When checking the speakers on the TV you’re thinking of purchasing, make sure they are facing forwards for a clean, direct sound. Also, they should have a dedicated bass speaker, rated power output, and built-in soundbars.

The Trend of Gaming TVs

Once you purchase your TV, you probably won’t use it solely for gaming, so make sure it fits your home when it comes to size and usability. To avoid disappointment, don’t go for the most expensive one expecting a top-notch resolution, fast user interface, and performance, etc. With a wide range of great 4K gaming TVs, you can expect to find them at a cheaper cost than just a few years ago.  

Big-screen gaming will continue gaining popularity, a trend that inspires us manufacturers to come up with better gaming TV models every year. From improving image quality and response time to adding new features, we ensure consistent availability of numerous models for all of you out there thirsty for some good entertainment!

In Summary:

Look out for these key features

  • Resolution >= 4K Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate 120Hz
  • Input lag between 30 to 40 (Sometimes called Game Mode)
  • Pick a size appropriate for your room.

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