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How to Buy a Premium TV on a Budget
六月 26, 2019

Although TVs are more affordable today than they were decades ago, buying a new TV with all the bells and whistles can still be an expensive exercise. It’s wise to have a budget in mind when it comes to purchasing a TV because it’s quite easy to spend a large amount of cash if you don’t do your homework.

Today, let’s look at some of the best tips to save money on a TV and keep within your budget.

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Do your research

That fancy 75 inch 4K Smart TV you’ve got your eye on may not be selling for the same price in every store. It pays to do your research and shop around to compare prices. Also think about which features you’ll really need and how much you’re willing to spend. You can save money by going for a TV that offers only the features you want.

Choose the right resolution

HD or ‘high definition’ refers to an image resolution of 720 pixels while Full HD is an image resolution of 1080 pixels. The higher the amount of pixels the sharper and clearer the images. For TVs in the 50 inch or below range, you’re going to get a much better picture with Full HD.

Ultra HD or 4K is one step up again in terms of image clarity. It has four times as many pixels as Full HD and is best for TVs in the 55 inch and above range. The higher resolution of 4K allows you to sit closer to the TV if you have a smaller room.

If you have the budget for it and want a larger TV, go with 4K. If not, then go for a Full HD screen at least.

Smart TV vs Non Smart TV

Smart TVs allow you to access WiFi, and run apps such as Netflix, Stan and Google Play and YouTube, just like a Smartphone. Although a Smart TV is normally more expensive than a Non-Smart one, trust me you will never regret for this investment

However, if you decide to buy a Non Smart TV you would like to make sure it comes with an HDMI port you can use to connect to a smart device, something like Chromecast, which will allow you to stream Netflix and YouTube. This will cost you a lot less and still let you connect to the internet and watch your favourite shows.

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Choose a suitable size

You need to think about the size of the room where you’re installing the TV, and how you plan to watch it. A big TV in the living room will be great for watching the footy with your mates but a 65 inch or a 49 inch TV may also do the job.You could save money just by downsizing and being happy with a smaller TV.

Buy at the right time

Choosing the right time of year to buy a TV can also save you hundreds of dollars. End of financial year sales and Boxing Day are the two best times to purchase a TV on a budget. This is the time that retailers try to sell through their End-of-Life models to make way for new range of products.

Take advantage of cashback offers

One of the ways retailers make purchasing TVs more affordable is by offering people “cashbacks”. The way this works is when you purchase the TV the retailer directs you to a website and you fill in certain criteria and then they send you a cashback amount, usually in the form of a voucher. At certain times of the year, like end of financial year, cashback offers can be very generous.

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What models offer the best value for money?

Televisions that offer the best value for money are those that incorporate a wider range of features that other brands don’t.

A perfect example will be the TCL S6800 series TVs. This is the first ever FHD/HD TV in the Australia market that comes with an Android Operating System, which allows you to spend less time browsing and more time entertaining. You will have access to the latest blockbuster movies, be able to stream your favourite apps and play multiplayer games with this great TV product.

In addition, this TCL Smart TV is affordable, versatile, and has all the options in one easy to access Entertainment hub, including Stan, Netflix, Google Play, YouTube, Kayo and your favourite apps.

Here are some other cool features of the S6800:

AI Integrated (AI-IN)

This artificial intelligence integrated technology brings a whole new level of intelligence and effectively makes your TV an entertainment hub for the home. TCL is now giveaway a bonus voice remote control for a limited time, and it will allow you access your favourite entertainment effortlessly by simply speaking into it. Try to ask questions, add to your calendar, make travel plans and much more.

Google Assistant

With built in Google Assistant you will be able to control a variety of compatible smart devices around the home, access better content and have questions answered quickly.


We haven’t forgotten one of the most frequent users of the TV, the gamers. Thanks to the outstanding picture quality that the S6800 Series offers , you will be battling and racing with pinpoint precision and be immersed in the richest colours in your out of world adventures.

Built in Chromecast

This allows you to cast your favourite content from your mobile devices to your TV. For anyone on a budget looking for a premium but affordable TV with the latest technology, the TCL range ticks a lot of boxes.

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