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Is it Time to Upgrade Your TV?
十月 04, 2022

Is it Time to Upgrade Your TV?

How do you know when to upgrade your television set?

Many people love the idea of getting a brand new TV with all the best newest features and technologies. But how do you decide when the right time is?

We're here to make a few suggestions.

1. When your old TV starts clapping out.

Obviously, if your existing television starts misbehaving, or stops working altogether, it's time to get a new one. More than likely, you'll be in for a real surprise with how much picture quality has improved since you made your last purchase.

Most TCL TVs now include 4K resolution with an increasing set of features throughout the model ranges. Start with the C635 Series TVs for features including Quantum Dot and Dolby Vision. Alternatively, go to the top and futureproof yourself with the incredible 8K MiniLED X925 Series television.

2. Tax return time.

Do you find yourself with a bonus wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket after submitting your tax return? Give yourself a well-deserved treat for working so hard. Why not consider a TV upgrade?

3. Take advantage of upcoming sales.

There is no better time to purchase a new TV than with some of the great offers available during end-of-year sales.

Take advantage of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, or the traditional Boxing Day sales. You could end up with an amazing deal, plus the latest in TV entertainment.

4. Stop the kids nagging.

Do you want to sit down and watch a movie or the game, but the kids want the TV for their console gaming? Is there an ongoing battle in your home for who gets the screen? Peace-of-mind can be yours for the simple price of a new TV.

You can now set the kids up gaming in the spare room or bedrooms, and you can relax on the lounge with the latest new thing. Alternatively, the kids may demand that they get the new TV with all the special gaming features, but that's another battle entirely.

5. Because you want to.

The best reason of all.

You've been wanting this, and you love your entertainment. Go for it!