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The New 2020 TCL P715 4K QUHD Android TV
七月 24, 2020

Getting a new TV can be very exciting, with the potential to grab a TV that will deliver on incredible quality and value for money. Feature wise, the new 2020 range of TCL P715 QUHD TV is designed to offer you all the bells and whistles you would want from a top of the line TV, without the massive price tag.

With its attention to detail, the new TCL P715 4K QUHD Android TV range combines extraordinary value and quality you need from your next TV.

P715 Product Image

True Dolby Atmos Sound

When it comes to sound, the TCL P715 range takes it to another level. The Dolby Atmos experience was designed for audio lovers alike, refining the way we all love our sound and bringing that audio to life. When it comes to watching your favourite music videos or concert on TV, sound will have never sounded so good, offering breathtaking clarity and a more realistic music reproduction.

Combine that with a very clear set of visual features, and this will bring your entertainment experience to life in your own home.

Clear Motion Rate

Remember when you were watching your favourite sporting event, or action packed movie on the TV when things got a bit blurry when there's too much going on. We welcome you to Clear Motion Rate (CMR) technology, available in our P715 range. With this incredible functionality, it will lower the display blur and any type of motion trails when watching a fast paced show or movie.

Gamers alike should be looking to make this their first choice when it comes to having an edge over their opponents. By having that crystal-clear experience, everything comes to life on your screen and you'll wonder why you didn't have a TV like this sooner.



One of the most important elements of this 4K TV range is the HDR functionality. A HDR equipped TV will ensure you are getting a cinematic experience when watching your favourite movie. With over 8 million pixels, vivid colour range and razor sharp images your favourite TV shows will feel more like the real thing.

With a precise reproduction of dark and light shades, you'll enjoy a spectrum of amazing colour and clarity. With its full 4K HDR support, your screen makes it easier to adapt to colours and adjust everything naturally, especially if you are watching fast action shows or sports. This feature pushes our range into an entirely different league, which you can now get access to for your home

Integrating with your Home

Android TV has almost become commonplace in homes today and our TCL P715 TV range takes it to another level. With built-in Chromecast, Google Assistant and, of course, Google Play, you'll have access and control to the content you want, when you want, all at the tips of your fingers (and the remote).

With your new Google Assistant, you can quickly and easily access all the entertainment you need by simply speaking into the remote control. Maybe you want to know the weather for tomorrow, or a list of movies your favourite actor is in, or pull up photos of your last trip overseas. Your new "personal assistant" can make sure that all happens by simply asking.


Built-in Chromecast also expands the functionality of your TV by allowing you to access your mobile devices, such as Android or iOS mobile phones, or even Chromebook. By connecting your TV to your home wireless, you can start streaming all your stored media directly to it.

Integration with your home has also become easier with our AI-Integration enabled range. Yet another amazing feature, allowing you to connect to more compatible products available on the market and taking control. With compatibility across Google and Alexa devices, you can control your lighting, sound or whatever you're in the mood for on your TV. You're only limited to the range of compatible devices available.

You will be amazed by how much easier it can make things in your home.


As a whole, the TCL P715 QUHD TV range offers something for everyone and will offer amazing value for money for all. Packed full of features, the biggest problem you'll have is how to decide what to watch or listen to. For those needing to share, we can offer you a wide range of sizes to accommodate any room in the house.

Come and see for yourself and you'll see why you should have one in your home today!