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The New TCL X915 8K QLED Android TV
九月 15, 2020

The world of entertainment is witnessing a revolution. Not just in the way the entertainment is delivered to you, but also how you interact with the television. A myriad of inventions and innovations have come together in a package that is not only good to look at, but also that functions like a dream.

This is just the beginning of what you can expect from the newest offering from TCL, the X915 8K QLED Android TV. This is 75 inches of pure, unadulterated joy that is a dream to gaze into and get lost in. The technology built into the television makes for a product that is geared towards giving you the best experience possible. You won't ever have to think of IMAX again, well, unless it's a date.

Or you could just bring the date to your house when you have such a thing of beauty and purpose in your home. You might score more points.

X915 Product Image

8K TV - Unparalleled Detail and Clarity

Here is the thing that will win your date over. With 16 times the number of pixels that can be found on a full HD television, you will get to experience that movie, or that game in such rich detail, you will spoil any experience they might enjoy elsewhere.

And that's what you want, isn't it?

Imagine watching the Wallabies break the opposing team's defensive line and you can see the reflexes of every blade of grass on that pitch. Oh, yes. That's how much detail you can expect from an 8K QLED TV. And the best is yet to come.

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, you get to enjoy your favourite game in 8K. I can guarantee you; it will be nothing but pure glory. Whether you are a Call of Duty fan or waiting for a new instalment of Watch Dogs, don't limit yourself to your old 1080p TV.

Quantum Dot Technology

It would be of no use to you to enjoy all that resolution from the screen but then have colour reproduction of a television from the 1950s. The technology behind colour televisions has come a long way indeed and now, it is time to enjoy the latest and greatest colour innovation available.

Quantum Dot technology allows this TV to produce vivid images that have an accurate colour representation to what's out there. Instead of looking at a dark grey screen when a dark scene comes on, true blacks are all you will encounter. The other colours are produced so accurately, you could easily discern the dimples on the skin of a strawberry when combined with the impressive 8K resolution.

Dolby For the Win

This is a company that has been at the forefront of providing technologies that will push entertainment forward. This time, TCL has incorporated two of Dolby's most innovative technologies, just to make your experience the best available.

Dolby Vision leverages the physical pixels of the resolution and the Quantum Technology to render images on the screen that are not only vivid but oh, so beautiful to look at. The deep dark and the vivid pictures that shades of red can provide are so beautiful to the point of almost becoming lustful. All you will be doing is enjoying Netflix, chilling is a distraction.

Dolby Atmos is the latest in surround sound technology. With the software running in the background, you will always get a great cinematic experience in your own home. Spatial sounds will have you smack dab in the middle of the action that is taking place on your screen.

AI-IN Feature

AI Integration

How you control your TV has evolved ever since they first came out. Now, the next step in that bit of evolution has just made it onto a screen near you. First, you had to physically move a dial, next you had to press buttons on the remote control. Why not dispense with all of that and just tell your TV what to do?

This is where AI integration comes in.

With the ability to use services search as Google Assistant and Alexa, you do not have to move from that comfortable position to change what is on TV. Simply speak and your wish will be fulfilled. And no, there's no genie inside.

These two wonderful pieces of innovation work in concert with you, thanks in large part to TCLs own AI-IN. Not only do you get to turn your TV on and off, you easily pull up a photo album, or see how the weather is going to pan out for the day.

Aside from being your centre of entertainment, it also can become an extension of your office, easily organising your calendar, and planning your workday from the comfort of your lounge.

Android TV

The most ubiquitous operating system on the planet is a great feature to have on your television. It is not just on to help run your television, but to give you access to a wide range of features and possibilities. This gives you access to a variety of applications that offer you great entertainment options.

From the movie streaming services such as Netflix and KAYO to enjoying your favourite plays list on Spotify while you work. You are never short of entertainment options when it comes to Android TV. If you are up for a spot of light gaming, Flappy Bird or Angry Birds on a large scale would be an amazing thing to experience.


If anything, you have yet to exhaust the features that this TV is packed with. You would have to do that at your own time inside your own home. Exploring what this wonderful piece of engineering is packed with is a huge part of the charm that this television is filled with.

Generally, this is a television complete with intuitive features that will push you well into the foreseeable future, all the while enjoying the best of what the world has to offer.