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Preparing for future gaming consoles: PS5 & Xbox Series X
六月 26, 2020

Gamers Assemble!

The future of gaming is about to hit the shelves. It has been a long time coming, but all good things come to those who wait. You have been patient, probably with the old consoles that offered tons of fun in the good old days when you needed it. You may also have picked up more responsibilities as you have gotten older and packed the old console away for that rainy day.

However, no matter what the age, we can always rely on our favourite PlayStation or Xbox consoles (or both) to bring out the absolute best in gaming.

Xbox vs PS5

In the beginning...

The consoles of yesterday had all been cutting edge during their time. The vibrating feedback in the controllers added a new dimension to gaming. Wireless connectivity meant you didn't have to be tethered to the controller. But perhaps the best of all these features was the increasing levels of clarity and immersion that television sets offered.

The early days of playing Crash Bandicoot on your PlayStation 1 with boxy graphics and simpler gameplay were amazing. The 640 x 240 progressive pixel resolution was the best that the consoles could manage at the time. The gameplay was a leap forward in comparison to what was available at the time. Everyone appreciated it until everyone got sick of it and started clamouring for better graphics.

It is human nature to always want the best of what is available. If it is not there, then it is time to invent or innovate until we get better things. The second generation of PlayStation and the then-new Xbox series meant that things were getting better. The storylines were getting more complex, and the graphics were getting better.

Even though the consoles could put out what was then quality resolutions, the televisions also had to match these developments. The early 2000s witnessed a scramble to change how the world experienced television, and how gamers would experience the games they played. The era of High Definition television had truly come to life.

From here, it has always been a race, and a competition to bring out the best that research and technology would allow. While televisions had made a great leap forward, the consoles were still finding it difficult to use up all the capacity that televisions would give them. The PS 2 was best known for its 480p resolution that could scale up to 1080i. This was also the time that Xbox would come into existence and bring Halo to screens, and it was loved... still is.

Console makers bring their "A" Game.

While the two console makers had been doing their best to catch up with what televisions had to offer, it would take them some more years before they would be able to match them. But that day finally came.

The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 appeared on the scene, and they brought with them various titles that people grew to love. The intuitive features on both meant that the consoles could serve as just more than a gaming console but could be the complete entertainment console via the capabilities of their software.

This was a new direction that the consoles were taking. The games had become more engaging in their gameplay and what was possible in games. Perhaps the two most striking examples are the games from the Battlefield series; Bad Company 2 and 3. While there may be more engaging games like Grand Theft Auto V and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this one just carved their way into the hearts of everyone who played them, and a niche for themselves.

This, also, was the first time that consoles could comfortably put out 1080p resolution to make proper use of whatever resolutions the TV could put out. But television makers were not sleeping on the job either. Soon, the world would come to hear of 2K TVs, which then quickly spread to 4K TVs. Consoles could not get a break.

The next consoles out of the line were the PS4 and the Xbox One. These brought excellent features with them, both new and updated from the previous consoles. They still could not keep up with the resolutions that TVs were offering. It had to take updated versions of these consoles to offer a better resolution to match what was happening currently.

But that was not going to be the case for too long.

All caught up.

Although 8K was demonstrated more than 8 years ago, it was not until mid-2019 that the first 8K TVs went on sale. At the time, the current consoles were due for a refresh.

Enter the PS5 and the Xbox Series One!

These new consoles promise great features as well as expanded functionality and for the first time, they will be able to keep up with what the TV industry is putting out.

With the capability to put out 8K video resolutions, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will be able to offer the latest in gaming experiences. Imagine getting immersed in a new Call of Duty title, and if possible, a new Final Fantasy title! You will need an 8K TV to enjoy all these possibilities though.

That is where TCL comes in. As one of the leading manufacturers of 8K TVs, TCL has a range of products perfectly suited to providing you with the best experience once that new console lands in your living room.

X915 Product Image

The X915 series of TVs have been perfectly engineered in supporting all your entertainment requirements, providing you with unparalleled quality reproduction in readiness for these consoles. These two televisions, available in both 65" and 75" units, come loaded with a variety of features that will serve your current and future needs.

The two come with AI integration, which pairs perfectly with your smart home systems. The TVs connect perfectly with your Google Assistant or Alexa to give you excellent hands-free control while operating the TV unit. Android TV is standard and comes equipped with Dolby Vision for excellent viewing experiences and Dolby Atmos for that heavenly sound.

But perhaps the best feature of these units is in their colour reproduction. Using Quantum Dot technology, the units can give extraordinary colour volume and enhancements to the pictures it displays, as well as give a real depth to the images. All these features combine to make gaming with your new PlayStation or Xbox console, as well as your TCL TV, a mind-blowing experience.