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TCL Ray Danz Soundbar Reviews
五月 10, 2022

Ray Danz Reviews

The TS9030 Ray Danz Soundbar is TCL's top-of-the-line model.

Offering a wide and immersive sound stage, the Ray Danz soundbar comes as the primary bar element delivering the center and side channels, plus a separate wireless subwoofer for incredible bass. The unit features include 3.1 Channels, 540W Peak Power, and Dolby Atmos compatibility.

Let's delve into a few of the recent critical soundbar reviews for this product.

Soundbar installation and setup

TCL soundbars are designed to be easy to setup, and the Ray Danz is no exception.

"…it’s super easy to set up – your mum or dad could probably do it without giving you a call."

- Chris Rowland, Ausdroid

"…incredibly simple to plug in and start using straight away."

- Tobias Venus, Finder

"Easy to use and setup" - "definitely recommend to people who don't do well with tech"

- Toby, Tech Finder

Let's move on to connectivity features.


In modern home entertainment systems, connectivity plays a vital role. The Ray Danz soundbar has your bases covered.

"The easiest way to use the Ray-Danz is to use the HDMI connector with an HDMI-ARC plug on a compatible TV."

"…supports Apple Airplay and Google’s Home environments."

- Chris Rowland, Ausdroid

"Compatibility with Google Home is definitely my favourite thing about this" - "Compatible with Apple Airplay and that works just as well"

- Toby, Tech Finder

Let’s now review some of the comments made about the audio itself.

Audio quality

Obviously, for a soundbar the audio quality is of prime importance. The TCL unique design offers a wider sweet spot than many other soundbars.

With 3.1 channels you get left and right side speakers plus a dedicated centre channel that aids the delivery of clean dialogue. A separate wireless subwoofer helps deliver deep bass and gives a decent punch to special effects and other low frequency audio when needed.

"…unlike other soundbars which use digital processing to simulate surround, the audio from this is physically bouncing off the walls … With this design, the sweet spot is a fair bit wider."

- Tobias Venus, Finder

The volume, balance, and clarity are also essential aspects of the audio output. A few interesting comments are made regarding these by the reviewers.

" …delivers crisp dialogue"

- Tobias Venus, Finder

"… volume-wise you can crank this baby pretty loud; I wasn’t game to dial it up too far"

" It sharpens up dialogue, gives out a decent thump for explosions and the like when bass is called for…"

- Chris Rowland, Ausdroid

"dialogue comes through super clear"

"Really loud…quite impressive considering it's a fairly small soundbar"

"base … never overwhelms"

"easy to listen to, especially for movies and TV"

- Toby, Tech Finder

With plenty of power to fill most home spaces, as well as balance and clarity to match, this unit is a prime choice for a home theatre upgrade.

Overall impressions

We are pleased with the positive reception to this unit from all these reviewers. They are a great recognition of the hard work and ideas that the designers and engineers have input in order to produce this great product.

"promising an enhanced surround sound experience"

- Tobias Venus, Finder

"if you're looking for a soundbar then it's definitely worth the money"

- Toby, Tech Finder

"The design is stunning"

"…unique design, a good price tag and matching performance."

- Chris Rowland, Ausdroid

The TS9030 Ray Danz Soundbar would make a fantastic upgrade to many home entertainment systems, bringing surround sound to your setup.

They can be purchased either online or instore through numerous recognised Australian retailers.