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TCL Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021
十一月 18, 2021


What are the Black Friday sales?

The Black Friday sales are an event on the retail calendar that originated in the USA but has recently grown in popularity in Australia. In the USA, Black Friday falls on the Friday following their Thanksgiving holiday (the 4th Thursday in November). In Australia we have continued this timing with the Black Friday sales held on the 4th Friday of November.

This year, Black Friday 2021 falls on the 26th November.

Following Black Friday there is now also Cyber Monday which typically focuses more on tech deals.

The combination of Black Friday / Cyber Monday now makes for a great long weekend of bargain shopping in the lead up to Christmas. Having said this, keep an eye out as some retailers start their Black Friday deals early. You may be able to jump in ahead of the queue.

Due to the current popularity of these sales, many bricks and mortar Australian retailers also extend their trading hours. Of course, discounts are still available on most e-commerce stores as well.

Where does the name "Black Friday" come from?

Traditionally, the Thanksgiving holiday announces the beginning of the Christmas season in the USA. The biggest shopping day was always the Friday following. Retailers would offer great discounts to draw people into their stores, and crowds would descend into the city centres to catch the deals.

The term "Black Friday" was coined by the Philadelphia police in the 1960s to describe the chaos that ensued. In the 1980s, the term began to be used to describe the opportunity for retailers to get "into the black" (profitable). If store owners had been trading "in the red" during the year, the volume of sales they could make during this trading period would boost their profitability. This is the perfect win-win situation for retailers and customers.

Whatever the original meaning, the Black Friday Cyber Monday sales are now one of the most popular shopping periods of the year in Australia. Whether you are shopping online or instore, there are plenty of bargains to be found.

Black Friday in Australia

Traditionally, the most popular trading period in Australia has been the Boxing Day sales. In the week following Christmas, stock gets discounted and consumers get out to the stores for some amazing deals.

In recent years, however, Black Friday sales have outpaced Boxing Day sales. They provide the opportunity to get some great discounts before Christmas and have the gifts under the Christmas tree. For online sales, the benefit is also that customers get in before the retailers' guaranteed Christmas delivery times.

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