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TCL X9 Series TVs
九月 20, 2022

TCL X9 Series TVs

The X9 Series televisions are TCL's flagship models featuring incredible 8K resolution. Additionally, they offer numerous other top-of-the-line visual and audio features aimed at delivering exceptional entertainment experiences to their owners.

The X925 and X925 Pro TVs are the current models available in this series. We'll take you for a quick look through the features and technologies included in these models.

TV Panel Technologies

TCL has a history of research and development into new television technologies. Many of these technologies make their way into the X9 Series TVs.

Obviously, the first of these technologies is the outstanding 8K resolution. With 7680 x 4320 pixels, 8K is four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD. Pictures are incredibly sharp and detailed.

Aside from the 8K resolution, the X9 Series screen is produced with MiniLED, Full Array, and Quantum Dot technologies.

MiniLED Full Array screens utilise much smaller LEDs than conventional screens. This means a number of things;

  1. More LEDs can fit into the same space.
  2. There is less light spill between each LED location, thereby allowing deeper blacks.
  3. Greater uniformity of lighting across the panel.
  4. Precision control of the LEDs allows better contrast and brightness.

The X925 Pro TVs use a variant of the MiniLED known as "OD Zero". These result in a much reduced panel thickness.

Quantum Dot technology uses a layer of light-emitting nano-particles to individually control each picture element (every one of the 33 million pixels). This delivers a wider colour gamut including truer whites, greater vibrancy, and an expanded range of more natural colours.

The X925 Series is available with 65-inch and 75-inch screens. The X925 Pro comes as a huge 85-inch screen.

Control of Picture Quality

Next in line we have the control features which turn the digital content into a signal for the television.

IMAX Enhanced and HDR10+ each use their own custom image processing technologies to get the best out of your content. Able to process High Dynamic Range (HDR) signals, both of these deliver rich contrast, a vivid colour palette, and increased picture clarity. Whilst both technologies are somewhat similar to each other, which one is used is dependent upon the format chosen during content production.

Dolby Vision IQ is another feature that enhances your viewing experience. Light sensors embedded in the TV continually monitor ambient light levels in your room. Screen output is dynamically adjusted for optimal picture quality. For example, the screen automatically adjusts output between watching sports in bright daylight vs movie night in a darkened room.

Audio Features

The X9 Series TVs feature both the DTS-HD and Dolby Atmos audio formats. Both audio formats are used to create luscious 3D sound environments, perfect for home theatre viewing or gaming. Which audio technology is used is based upon the choice made by the producers when the content is created.

The real pleasure comes when these audio formats are matched with the actual speaker setup of the X9 Series. The X925 televisions offer 60 Watts total of audio power (2 x 15W mid-bass/tweeter side speakers + 30W centre channel woofer). You'll enjoy clear and precise sound with all your entertainment. The X925 Pro televisions boost audio output up to a room-shaking 160 Watts with extra audio channels.

Added to that, both the X9 Series models include a built in sub-woofer for deep, rumbling bass. Enjoy the roar of a sporting crowd, the power of a recorded concert, or the ground-thumping explosions of your favourite action movie.

Better Gaming Experiences

  • Last but not least are the technologies intended to enhance your gaming experiences.
  • HDMI 2.1 compliance ensures compatibility with the latest gaming consoles and enables features such as ALLM.
  • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) allows your computer or games console to automatically switch the TV to game mode. This reduces gaming lag.
  • VRR120Hz (Variable Refresh Rate). VRR matches the TVs refresh rate with a games input frame rate. Especially useful for intense game sequences, this delivers smoother gaming with less potential for screen tearing.
  • CMR200 (clear Motion Rate). CMR smooths video frame transitions with fast action sequences, reducing judder and blur. Not only useful for gaming, but also sports, and fast action in movies or TV shows.


The X9 Series adds some additional features such as Hands Free Remote Control, Gesture Control, and Entertainment Hub, amongst others. Both the X925 and X925 Pro TVs now operate on the Google TV platform. Finally, everything is wrapped up in a stylish, slim-line form factor and delivered with a 3-year warranty.

For one of the best entertainment experiences you'll have, take a look at the X9 Series televisions from TCL.