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Looking for a Father’s Day Gift Idea? Treat Him to a TCL Android TV
八月 27, 2020

Treat the Special Man in Your Life this Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so why not treat your entertainment-loving dad to an extra special gift?

We’re not talking about a BBQ accessory or a bottle of car wash liquid. This is something much better and something he’ll really appreciate. Upgrade his old, out-dated box to one of the latest model TCL Android TVs and leave him amazed at how much technology has improved.

It’s easy to get left behind and feel comfortable with out of date appliances and technology so keep your dad up with the times and let him experience incredible picture performance, no matter what he’s watching.

Father’s Day is a time to really give thanks to the man that has provided you with so much in your life. TCL knows family time is important so our TVs have many features that can make the time spent together with your dad even more enjoyable.

Filled with plenty of different apps, TCL Android TVs provide a wide range of entertainment for all dads. Sit down and enjoy a family movie with the likes of Netflix, Stan and Google Movies or get excited and cheer along with dad to your favourite sporting teams using the Kayo app.

Give the gift of a TCL TV this Father’s Day

A new TV doesn’t have to be expensive and here at TCL we pride ourselves on providing you with top quality products at a more affordable price. If price is still proving to be a hurdle, chipping in as a family group can solve the problem. Think of it as a social investment as well as a present.

Here’s a closer look at TCL’s product range to give you some ideas:



Check out the X10 QLED Android TV. The feature that sets this Android TV apart from the rest is the new Mini LED technology. The incredible resolution comes down to an increased number of independent pixel-sized LED light sources - each one precisely controlled to deliver a much smoother, uniform and brighter illumination. This means incredible picture performance, no matter what you're watching. The X10 can also connect to the internet via WiFi so your dad can browse the internet whenever he wants or he can stream his favourite series on Netflix directly from his TV. Comes in 75” or 65” sizes.

Ultra HD TVs

Ultra HD TVs

The P715 QUHD Android TV has 4K HDR10+ which features an incredible eight million pixels, so you can enjoy amazing colour and clarity on your favourite shows. Dolby Atmos and Vision are both included for rich immersive sound and vivid colour so your dad will feel like he's part of the action all in the comfort of his living room. The AI integration makes it easy for your dad to bring up his favourite shows or search for new ones. Comes in a variety of sizes, 100” and 43”.

Full HD TVs

Full HD TVs

The S615 Full HD Android TV is a smaller TV, and therefore more affordable, making it a great Android TV for more compact homes or for those that are looking for a bedroom TV. You’ll have fun showing your dad all the features like the Android Operating System and AI integration that allow for easy access to WiFi, Netflix, Stan, Google Play and YouTube. Comes in 40” or 32” sizes.

What size TV should I buy dad?

If you’re tossing up between TV sizes, you can’t go wrong with either a 55” or 65”. These are the most common sizes being purchased in Australia today and suit most living spaces. However, there are always exceptions, so be considerate of where you think your dad will use his new TV and account for any additional purchases you will have to make such as a wall bracket or sounds bars.

Think one of our TVs will make the perfect gift for Father’s Day?

Check out our range of products and click on the ‘Available At’ button on the product’s page that will then display the available retailer’s online stores.