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What is the Ideal TCL TV for You?
十二月 01, 2021


What is the Ideal TCL TV for You?

When making the choice for a new TCL television, it all comes down to one important question.

Which TV matches your lifestyle?

We thought we’d have a bit of fun and suggest a few lifestyle categories. Which one do you fit?

The Series Binger

You love your TV shows and can’t wait to binge on the next cool series. Whilst you don’t need anything too demanding, you appreciate good screen quality and sound.

The TCL P725 Series TVs are a great model to start with. They feature 4K viewing with HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies for added contrast and colour fidelity. They also feature Dolby Atmos surround sound functionality so you can get totally immersed in your favourite shows.

The C725 adds Onkyo Audio to further boost sound quality, as well as Quantum Dot technology and an upgrade from HDR10 to HDR10+. This delivers an expanded range of rich, vibrant, and more natural colours along with brighter and truer whites.

Overall, binge sessions will last longer and be more enjoyable.


P725 – A great TV for everyday use.
C725 – For those who want a little more “oomph” in their picture quality and sound.

The Sports Lover

You love sports, whatever they may be; cricket, football (both kinds), tennis, golf, or even snooker.  You want to see all the action, fast or slow, without needing to squint.

The TCL C735 TV is a monster. At 98 inches in size  and 4K resolution, it will provide all the viewing space you will want for sports. Whether for everyday viewing or watching the big game with your mates, you’ll have it covered.

The C735 features Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+, and Full Array Mini LED for outstanding viewing with rich colours, contrast, and clarity. You’ll be immersed in the game like never before. Add to this, the Clear Motion Rate 200 (CMR200) refresh rate means that fast action will display smoothly, without any screen tearing or juddering.

As for sound, Dolby Atmos and Onkyo Audio will have you in the middle of the action, almost like you’re at the real game. With immersive surround sound and audio precision and clarity, enjoy the atmosphere whilst never missing important commentary.

With the C735 TV you’ll feel like you’ve won the finals.


C735 – the biggest screen for the biggest games.

The Movie Buff

Movies, movies, movies. You love the big screen and want to bring all the production value that is used in the creation of modern films to your TV.

With the C825 Series TVs you’ll enjoy 4K viewing at its finest. A slew of visual enhancement features ensure that you get fantastic picture quality, including Full Array Mini LED, Quantum Dot, HDR10, and Dolby Vision IQ. You get rich, bold colours whilst maintaining subtlety, powerful contrast with deep blacks and bright whites, and clarity to pick out fine details on screen. See all that the movie-makers intended.

The C825 doesn’t hold back with the audio either. Experience exceptional surround sound with Dolby Atmos, Onkyo Audio, and the built in subwoofer.

Alternatively, the C735 98″ TV brings a massive screen to your home with many of the same features.

Dim the lights, settle into the couch with friends or family, and be absorbed by your favourite movies and new blockbusters.


C825 – Top of the line 4K viewing
C735 – for those who must have the largest screen.

The Gamer

Gaming is your thing. You enjoy a big screen, of course, but more important is smooth gameplay. Those extra visual and audio features are also important as they let you experience all those elements the game developers have programmed in.

All the visual and audio technologies noted for the C825 Series above still hold true for gaming. Experience the richness of colour, contrast, and detail that the game developers intended along with incredible, luscious audio.

The features of the C825 that really stand out for gamers are the Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and Clear Motion Rate 200 (CMR200). These combine to provide smooth gameplay with reduced screen tearing, stutter, judder, or motion blur. Enjoy a cleaner and clearer picture no matter how intense the game gets.

Stay on the edge of your seat and immersed in the action with the C825 Series TVs.


C825 – Great features for the dedicated gamer.

I Want It All

Whether you want to future-proof or just like having the best in life, you want every feature there is.

The X925 Series TVs offer all the visual and audio features listed above, but with incredible 8K resolution. The X925 Pro Series even adds a pop-up camera, and utilises OD-Zero technology to produce thinner screens for a beautiful, sleek, minimalist aesthetic. The X925 Pro also offers a detachable subwoofer (instead of built-in) for added flexibility in setup.

You’ll be the King, or Queen of the world with the X925 Series.


X925 – Top of the line future-proofed 8K viewing.
X925 Pro – Everything.


You may, of course, fit into multiple categories (as many people do). Explore our range of amazing TVs to find out which one suits your lifestyle.