Work & play versatility for the full family
Experience vibrant visuals
Discover an immersive viewing experience with TCL TAB 10s NEW.
A 10.1-inch WUXGA display with innovative technology makes your media vibrant with sharp color and detail so you can enjoy superior streaming wherever you go.
Power on for days
Have enough power for the whole family's studying, streaming and playing with TCL TAB 10s NEW.
Its 8000mAh battery supports up to eight hours of online learning and reaches 100% fast with an 18W charger*, so your family can enjoy what they love for days.
(*In some regions, this model ships with the 10W chargers)
Stay productive anywhere
TCL TAB 10s NEW's Octa-Core chipset gives you rapid processing so your family can multitask and get through their to-do lists effortlessly. Stay productive using its magnetic Typecover Keyboard with WPS features that lets you write with comfort and efficiency. Help your child study with a 4G LTE network that lets them access their school portal and online resources anywhere*.
(*Only for 4G version)
View comfortably
Enjoy tablet time with your family while knowing their sight's protected with TCL TAB 10s NEW. With a SGS eye protection certification,the screen prevents flickering and reduces harmful blue light, so your vision and sleep cycle is protected. Adaptive brightness ensures that no matter if it's day or night, your screen is perfectly bright so you can always view in comfort.
Educate & entertain them
Grow your child's mind while keeping them protected with TCL TAB 10s NEW's Kids Mode and parental controls.
Educate & entertain them
Know your child is always using tablet time safely and productively with TCL TAB 10s NEW's parental passwords and remote-access parental control panel that let you whitelist trusted websites and set study and screen breaks.
Educate & entertain them
Your child can be independent and keep themselves entertained with TCL TAB 10s NEW's child-friendly UI and a large library of fun, educational apps that educate your child about science, technology, engineering, art and math.
Video call with clarity
Stay connected with the people most important to you near or far with TCL TAB 10s NEW's high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G LTE* network that give you a super-smooth connection. Know you're always coming in clear with an advanced dual-microphone and speaker system that give capture your video and audio crystal-clear. *Only for 4G version
Unleash your creativity
Whether you're a seasoned artist or a casual doodler, TCL TAB 10s NEW gives you the tools to bring your creative vision to life. Sketch as fast as your mind can conceive with a smooth-drawing T-Pen that offers ultra-low latency for a natural in-hand feel and the fluidness of pen on paper. Typecase helps kids study more efficiently.


Upgrade to Android 12 on 2022 Nov. for one time,SMR Deadline: 2023 Nov