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Anywhere Entertainment
ELIT Headphones


Premium Sound

The ELIT series headphones have been designed for those in need of premium sound quality and demand more from their technology. Using our precision engineered 8.6/12.2/40 mm audio drivers the ELIT series headphones deliver deeply powerful, thumping bass with crystal clear audio fidelity — all without drowning out any of the finer sounds and instrument details within your music. Both wired and wireless options let you enjoy Hi-Res audio and high-performance sound in comfort.

ACTV Headphones


Nonstop Sound

ACTV series headphones have been designed to give those who rarely miss a workout the extra boost they need to stay moving. The ACTV in-ear headset is crafted with an over-the-ear hook to ensure they stay comfortably secure in your ear. They also offer an easy-to-adjust cable length control system, so you'll have less cord dangling as you exercise. Plus, being rated IPX 4 waterproof, you can work up a sweat without any damage to the headphones.

MTRO Headphones


Bold Sound

Uniquely designed to blend with on-the-go lifestyles, the MTRO series delivers big beats and big sound for when you're on the move. Made to deliver an immersive music listening experience, our MTRO in-ear headphones have a potent 8.6mm speaker driver while MTRO over-the-ear models feature a powerful 32mm driver. Together with a well-engineered sound chamber, MTRO delivers powerful bass that not only adds another dimension to overall sound, but also lets you feel the music like never before. The integrated remote lets you seamlessly control the music you listen to, receive or reject calls, and adjust volume as needed.

SOCL Headphones


Inspired Style

The SOCL series is perfect for those with an outgoing lifestyle who always look for the perfect way to identify themselves. With the SOCL vibrant color schemes, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your personality and mood. Our stereo headphones also feature an oval acoustic tube design for their ear caps which provides you with a comfortable and ergonomic fit that’s perfect to continuous and long usage - ensuring the party won't stop until you’re ready.