Corporate Statement on the Environment

Corporate Statement on the Environment


TCL North America practices effective product and environmental stewardship and places a continued, focused, and conscientious effort to engage in electronics collection and recycling activities throughout the United States and Canada. The company diligently works to ensure its products are in full compliance with environmental statutes and regulatory guidelines, and continues to enhance its oversight of the manufacturing process to remove hazardous substances, keep conflict minerals out of its supply chain, reduce energy usage, and increase both the volume and reach of its electronics recycling programs.

We do this because the company, together with our employees, strongly believe in doing our part to build a sustainable future.

The company has continued to grow its investment in electronics collection and recycling, doubling its per-pound recycling goals on a year-over-year basis since 2015. TCL is an effective contributor to all extended producer responsibility (EPR) recycling programs, and is in full compliance with state EPR laws and provincial statutes.

TCL has enacted standards that call for recyclers to use the highest level of certification compliance such as e-Stewards and R2. These strict policies enable the assurance of responsible electronics recycling for our customers.

TCL’s tireless work in this area has built a long-term foundation of credibility with the community of environmental stakeholders that includes state environmental departments and provincial agencies, private electronics recycling organizations, and regulatory and advocacy groups.

We’ve set ambitious packaging goals that call for the use of more post-consumer recycled content. We’re also enabling packaging to be conveniently recycled, significantly decreasing the waste stream and placing more of it in the hands of recyclers where it belongs.

TCL strives to provide a high level of service to its customers and the communities it serves, exercises strong, consistent, and responsible product stewardship, and will continue to build on its legacy of environmental responsibility in 2020 and beyond.