TCL 10 L display greatness key visual
Revolutionary visual technology

Revolutionize the media you create and enjoy with TCL's NXTVISION visual technology.

Make your streaming marathons look incredible with a powerful dedicated display engine that provides real-time visual enhancement of color, clarity and contrast.

Create photos that capture the magic of the moment with a versatile 48MP AI quad-camera system *1 that lets you hold on to those big scenes and small details. Automatic color and exposure adjustment make for shooting that's a breeze.

Immersive viewing experience

Maximize your media with immersive visuals and audio. An expansive 6.53-inch FHD + Dotch display with a dedicated display chipset and wireless Super Bluetooth audio sharing bring you into the experience.

Always get the highest quality video no matter the source with TCL 10L's HDR viewing enhancement that provides sharp, remastered HDR detail.

See authentic color

See authentic color that's true to life with a △E of less than one*2. Ultimate viewing is in your hands with color, clarity and contrast optimized in real time with NXTVISION visual technology.

Stream, view and read comfortably for longer with an array of eye protection modes.

Connect up to four headphones or speakers with Super Bluetooth for a personalized listening experience. Boost your audio for your biggest parties or share your latest playlists on the way to your next destination.
Infinite capturing

Your photo possibilities are endless with TCL 10L's NXTVISION 48MP AI quad-camera system and front camera.

48MP High-Resolution Camera

Discover the greatness in every detail.

AI-powered Depth Camera

Go deeper with real-time bokeh.

Marco Camera

Find big details in the little things with a macro lens

Super Width Angle Camera

Get the full view with a super wide-angle lens.

Smarter performance

Do everything smarter, faster and smoother with TCL 10L. Enjoy faster performance and AI features that use less power with a Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665 mobile platform and AI engine.


Make your phone truly yours with the TCL UI that you can customize to your needs. Its engaging interfaces and intuitive interactions let you express yourself and your style.

Quick access

Access whatever you need the instant you need it with a Smart Key , shortcuts and effortless Face Key and fingerprint unlocking.

Balanced design

Radiate with the subtle nature-inspired shine of TCL 10L's Arctic White and Mariana Blue finishes. 3D backing and organic glass provides a smooth, ergonomic hold. Perfectly aligned details create clean lines for a polished profile.

1. Smart Key feature availability varies by region and country.

2. Compared to SDM632 (2018) or SDM636 (2017).

3. Battery data based on results from TCL Lab tests.

Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, color and size), as well as actual display contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, interface and icons) may vary by country. Please consult the point of sale for further information.

The product pictures shown are for reference only. The images shown on the display screen are simulated and for demonstration purposes only. Please take actual products as standard.