It is very important to complete this setup to automatically receive new software versions with bugfixes and new features.

1. Turn on the soundbar.

2. Switch to the optical input by pressing the OPTICAL key on the remote control. The display will show "OPT".

3. Press (in sequence) the PREV > OK > NEXT keys.

4. The display will show "WIFI".

5. Open Wi-Fi selection menu on your device and select the "TCL_RAY-DANZ-xxxx" network (xxxx will be a number)

6. Open the browser on mobile phone and enter Please make a note: in future software updates this will change to

7. Now you will see the list of Wi-Fi networks available. Select your home Wi-Fi network and enter the password when requested.

8. When successfully connected, your Wi-Fi network name will be displayed in green and the IP address will be shown.

Note: every time the sound bar starts up, a green LED will indicate WiFi is connected. In case it's red, please perform setup again.