Marvel at TV that’s Beyond Colorful

Elevate your entertainment, and enjoy picture that’s more bright, vivid, and nuanced. TCL QLED TVs are crammed with cutting-edge hardware and industry leading technologies, delivering next-level optics.



Stunning 8K Picture

Showcase your content in 33 million pixels – 400% more than 4K. TCL 8K QLED TVs reproduce incredible levels of detail, with a leading display of light. TCL 8K TVs deliver a true 8K experience – with 8K hardware, picture upscaling, a powerful processor, and the latest HDMI – for leading display, no matter the content. Make every pixel count.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

A Quantum Leap in Display

Welcome to TV of the future. LED has been revolutionized, with the addition of billions of Quantum Dot nanocrystals. Your pure, ultra high definition TV is filtered through a layer of QD, enhancing the vibrancy of images – for industry leading 98%+ color gamut and brightness.

Deeper Tones
with Local Dimming

Engineered to increase contrast ratio, for a better, more rounded images. Hundreds of localized areas are precisely dimmed, for deeper, more stunning dark display. Blacks appear more black, and contrast is more emphatic. Local Dimming helps creates the perfect depth of image, making Movies, TV, and Gaming more immersive.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Dramatic Dolby Vision

Bring cinema visuals home with Dolby Vision technology. Dolby Vision enhances the appearance of Dolby exclusive content, displaying a greater number of colors, increasing contrast, and boosting brightness levels.


Explore Functionality that’s
Beyond Wonderful

Proprietary TCL technology revolutionizes your TV’s potential. Enjoy audio and video that’s intelligently optimized. Plus, get more done with Google Assistant built in – including Hands Free Control and Smart Device Interconnectivity.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel
TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Hands Free Control

Say It, see It… with far-field voice control you can lose the remote forever. Google Assistant built in means you can control TV, set reminders, and much, much more totally hands-free – just say “Hey Google”.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel
TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

Smart Home Interconnectivity

AI-IN facilitates any Google Home enabled product to be synced and controlled remotely. Set the thermostat, dim the lights, command your robot vacuum and more, all via your QLED TV. Welcome to the home of tomorrow.

The Latest Android OS

Your TCL QLED TVs come with the world’s most popular operating system pre-installed. Enjoy TV, music, movies, games, and more on-demand – entertainment essentials come pre-installed, plus download more via the Google Play Store. Further updates will be available as new firmware is released.

Android Gaming
Discover a new way to play Android Games on your phone, tablet, or TV. Start at home, then continue while on the go – Google Play tracks your progress so you can play anytime, anywhere.
Google Play Movies & TV
TCL TV provides unlimited movies, TV series, variety shows, cartoons and sports resources for you to enjoy non-stopped entertainment with your beloved family.
Download and Discover
Access all your favorite Apps and evolve your entertainment – from Netflix, to YouTube, and much, much more.

AI Picture Engine

An intelligent video optimization algorithm processes content in real time, detecting environment and optimizing / upscaling for your display. Oceans will appear more blue, and rainforests more lush. With AI-IN, your favourite TV and movies have never looked better on the big screen.

AI Sound Engine

A TCL intelligent audio engine detects media content and optimizes accordingly. Cinematic chases sound more intense, sports more immersive, and unexpected changes in sound (e.g. ad breaks) are automatically adjusted.

Immerse Yourself with
Audio that’s
Beyond Bountiful

Leading display requires an audio equal. An obsession for engineering, hardware from market leading brands, plus innovative software combine to deliver a superior sound experience.

Do More with
A Processor that’s
Beyond Powerful

Enhance your TV experience and unlock even more potential. Enjoy your favorite apps, connect external devices, stream faster, and supercharge your gaming experience.

Exhibit Minimalist Design that’s
Beyond Beautiful

Built with superior aesthetics at the heart. Thinner back panels, less bezel, and classic appearances melt into your surroundings. Stand or hang, the TCL QLED range are perfect for practically any environment.

TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel
TCL 10 Pro 16mp super wide-angel

1    Google is a trademark of Google LLC.