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What makes TCL stand out from its main competitors?

Research and Development

Proposing innovative TVs with excellent value for money is one specific feature of which we are proud and which is the product of the strategy we introduced several years ago. This starts from one simple observation: we need to excel across the entire production chain, from the R&D office to final TV assembly.


First of all, TCL is a vertically-integrated company. In other words, we command the whole production chain for a TV set. The most important and expensive element of your TV is its screen. While many brands abandoned have given up, we have chosen to make significant investment in new high tech production centres.


In October 2011, TCL inaugurated its new LCD and LED panel factory, which is worth 5 billion dollars. This first investment was followed by A second high tech factory inaugurated in 2015, enabling us to double our production capacity.


This enables us to meet constantly rising demand, while reducing our costs and guaranteeing perfect integration for panels, from the design to the manufacture of your TV. This enables us to keep better control over quality and provide you the best technology has to offer!

Recognised for our know-how and our technology, our famous competitors are also our customers! Perhaps you don't know, but every day TCL produces LCD panels on behalf of other major world TV brands.




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Our technological know-howWhat makes TCL stand out from its main competitors?

Research and development are an integral part of TCL's DNA. To enable us to innovate, we have 23 centres and 7000 employees dedicated to R&D around the world. At the end of 2015, TCL Corporation had built up 18 813 patents, more than 12 000 of which are invention patents. TCL is in the top 3 Chinese companies in terms of the number of invention patents.*

TCL innovates in a wide range of picture (OLED, HDR, Quantum Dot, 8K screen, etc.) and interactivity (OS Smart TV, picture recognition, speech recognition, etc.) technologies. Thanks to this investment, backed up by our production force, TCL is able to offer you the best, most up to date technologies.


* Source: IFI CLAIMS® Patent Services