40" Full HD Smart TV
A richer, more personalized TV experience

The TCL TV+ interface which accompanies this range offers you much more than a simple digital TV. Take advantage of a host of Internet services from the comfort of your sofa! Find easily the video or VOD content you watched recently. And while you are browsing via the Smart TV portal, a window displays the programme being broadcasted. This means you won't miss a second of your programme. Your TCL TV also has other functions that make life easier. For example, built-in WiFi, photo, video and music player from a USB drive, and much more.


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Crisp & sharp pictures with Full HD picture quality

Enjoy the Full HD viewing experience that offers a two times better resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels ) than standard HDTVs for a crisper and sharper picture.

Micro dimming: great contrast

Micro Dimming analyses the video content in 200 separate zones so as to adjust bright and dark areas independently. You will have a fantastic viewing experience with great contrast and vivid picture quality

Dolby Audio delivers rich, clear, powerful sound in your TV

Get the most out of your content with dynamic, high quality surround sound with Dolby Audio. Whether you are watching films, TV programs, online videos or concerts, Dolby Audio guarantees you audio quality that meets your expectations.

SMART TV 3.0 for easier access to the contents you love

With SMART TV 3.0, it's easier than ever to enjoy your favourite contents thanks to recent and frequently used categories. On top, with TV+ App Store, you can download your favorite Applications, high definition movies, videos and games. Netflix and Youtube both come in great quality on SMART TV 3.0.

YOUTUBE: see what the world is watching

With YouTube, you can see what the whole world is watching, from the most popular music videos to the vid- eo games and popular entertainment programmes, via the news and much more. Subscribe to the channels you line, share with your friends and watch on any device.

NETFLIX: see what's next

Netflix is one of the largest Internet TV channels in the world, with a range of programmes designed to have something for everyone. Watch programmes scheduled just for you, including Netflix original series and award- winning films and documentaries.

T-Cast App: Use your Smartphone to control and cast content to or from your TV

T-Cast is a unique TCL application designed for SmartTVs. T-Cast lets you control your TV using your phone. You can also broadcast the latest films and series on the big screen and share your photos, videos and music on the TV. A unique feature lets you broadcast your TV's content on your phone or tablet.

Slim Design

Slim frame conveys a hint of beauty and serenity greater than you have imagined. Simple and elegant, it perfectly combines function and thinness design in practice.



The buyer’s guide : discover the ideal TV for you

You have to consider many different criteria when choosing your new TV, and it is not always easy to set your priorities (look, blending into your interior, uses, 4K or UHD image quality, Smart TV or Android TV connectivity, budget), which is the reason why TCL has produced this buyer’s guide. These four questions will quickly and easily guide you towards the ideal TV for you and your family and friends.


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