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Discover images that are a pure reflection of reality
五月 11, 2017

When you watch a football match or a film, you feel like living each moment intensely! Thanks to the advanced technologies of your TCL TV sets, experience your sports events as if you were there, and be at the core of the action of your favourite films.

In your sofa just as if you were at the theatre

What you like about the movie theatre is that it fills your eyes. Now, this is exactly what's going to happen with your TCL TV set! An intense contrast, sublimated natural colours, an image as close as possible to reality: with the Mega Contrast and the Wide Color Enhancer technology, this is what you get. Enjoy the silver screen from the comfort of your sofa!

Be in the heart of the action!

From your living room, you feel transported to the lawn of Camp Nou, the ski slopes of Pelvoux or the clay courts of Roland-Garros… This is the result offered by the 100 Hz Clear Motion Index technology, which enables you to enjoy the enhanced fluidity of moving images. While you watch your favourite sports champions, your TCL TV set multiplies the image display frequency to reproduce every movement exactly. No more jerks, even in the most eventful scenes!