Don't forget the sound!
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Don't forget the sound!
五月 11, 2017

Sound is an essential component of our audio-visual enjoyment (whose name is well suited). Because they are flat and slim, televisions are held back physically in their ability to reproduce a full, deep sound. The best televisions, such as TCL's Xclusive.X1, use major technological developments to improve audio output . For the most demanding viewers, a dedicated audio system may be installed with ease.

You have a large picture which takes you into your favourite film immediately, and yet you can't enjoy it properly! Whose fault is that? Answer: the sound. Did you know that a film's soundtrack is responsible for 50% of your enjoyment? Unfortunately, sound needs space, especially when it comes to depth, which flat screens don't really have due to their design.

Sound rescued by technology

Certain manufactures have given up and offer sound solutions which are ok for your evening news programme, whereas others, such as TCL, are attempting the impossible to produce a good sound within a minimum space. On the Xclusive.X1 television, the premium product in the, TCL has joined forces with the Harman group's audio specialist JBL to produce sound worthy of a Hollywood movie. Most often, flat screen televisions project their sound at the back in order to save space, but not the X1. Under the screen, three front speakers to the right and three to the left guarantee high space conditioning. In addition to the stereo effect produced naturally by the position of these speakers, the DSP processing (Digital Signal Processor) combines with Dolby Digital technologies for spatial sound output. The amplification produces 50W of power to guarantee enough volume and boost the bases. So, the X1 guarantees sound immersion worthy of its Ultra HD picture. Picture and sound working in harmony!

Making audio connections easier

For people who want to get a better audio experience, TCL makes it easier to connect external audio equipment, such as a home cinema system or a sound bar with a base unit. Sound units are strongly recommended as the sound from the television on its own might not be enough. The most simple solution is to use an HDMI socket which also transports audio and which is present on TCL televisions. When you connect audio equipment to this socket, you can also listen to the different audio formats covered by the television, such as Dolby Digital. In addition, you can often control the external audio output with the television's remote control, which avoids you having to juggle with several different handsets. If the external audio solution doesn't have an HDMI socket, the TCL televisions also have an optical digital audio output and an analogue audio output, compatible with all equipment.

Wireless sound

You can even do away with cables if the television is Bluetooth-enabled. All audio equipment compatible with this standard may be connected easily, such as a wireless speaker. Bluetooth is very practical for connecting a headset when you want to listen without disturbing other people. No more wires that are too short, just connect a Bluetooth headset and connect as many as you like.