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Gaming immersion
五月 11, 2017

Playing a game on the big screen in the living room is an immersive experience that is easy to set up by connecting a console or downloading a game directly on the TV. To ensure that the TV displays the games in the best possible definition, TCL has designed a special mode that enhances the gaming experience.

There was a time when the main use of a TV was to turn it on, sit on the sofa, and somehow watch one of the three or four national channels broadcast via the antenna rake. Today, TVs are at the centre of the digital universe of families and much of the time spent in front of the television every day is now spent playing video games. There are over 50% of players in France, with almost the same number of men and women, with an average age of about 35! This is where the idea of using the living room's big screen to play video games on came from. For this, simply connect a games console in HDMI or even play the games directly offered by the Smart TV, including Android's Google Play Store available on TCL's X1 among other products. To allow players to play in the best conditions, TCL has also added a game mode, which provides optimal video game settings, to its TVs.

Game Mode

With the development of network video games, you have probably encountered the following problem: you have the feeling of having scored a point, yet you lost the game, defeated by an opponent who seems faster than you. This, in fact, may not be the case at all. You could simply be the victim of the 'lag' phenomenon which means that, between the time you press the trigger of your favourite joystick and the moment the action effectively appears on your TV, a few milliseconds or tens of milliseconds could have gone by during which anything could have happened in the game. Admittedly, you do need to have a fair experience in video games to notice but as the TV can now resolve part of the problem why deprive yourself?

Immediate effect

Display lag is related to a series of phenomena which put you at a disadvantage. If you are playing on the net, there is, of course, lag caused by your Internet connection which unfortunately we cannot do anything about. However, modern TVs apply a lot of treatment to images and that can take time, time during which you do not really know what is going on in your favourite game. When you watch a DVD or the TV, you do not notice this lag because the TV delays both the sound and image so everything seems synchronous. But in video games, this is not the case because you are waiting for something to happen on the screen to react. By activating the "game" mode on your TV, you desactivate a fair amount of image processing which speeds up display and reduces the lag between when you press a button and when the action takes place on the screen and it's really critical on some games where reflexes are paramount, such as first person shooter games.

Visual quality too

The game mode on TCL TVs reduce latency which is an essential factor in gameplay but it has not stopped there. It uses integrated fluidification technologies to avoid the picture on the screen jerking as much as possible. Action often gets carried away in video games. Whether in a racing or first person shooter game, there is nothing more annoying than jerky action. The game mode avoids this! Similarly, display is more dynamic with brighter colours that are consistent with the video game world. In addition, as lighting conditions often change very quickly in video games, the TV adjusts contrast rendition accordingly. With the game mode, TCL optimises the TV's settings for the best possible immersion in video games.