I want a TV set, and more than that!
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I want a TV set, and more than that!
五月 11, 2017

Would you like to have an original, trendy TV set? That would help you cultivate your style? You no longer need to long for it. Now this dream can come true!

To each his own style

Because you want your interior design to reflect your personality, TCL offers TV sets with innovative, creative, and inspirational design. The choice is yours: colours, ultra-slim frame, super slim profile, etc.

Your TV becomes an integral, contemporary and unique part of your interior decoration. More than that, it is the prolongation of the universe you have imagined for your interior!

Create your own colour composition

Our designers have played with colours to stimulate your creativity. With TCL's COLOR LINE, now at last you can find the TV that fulfills your desires. Blue, green or pink, with its trendy colours your TCL TV set blends perfectly with the colour code of your home and helps you create the harmony of your choice with your interior.