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Maximise your image sharing
五月 11, 2017

Are you a cinema fan? For you, is TV above all the "small screen"? Discover the innovative design of our series F and change your mind: now you can enjoy the silver screen... from home!

Enjoy as if you were at the theatre!

Feel like sharing a film experience with your family or friends from the comfort of your sofa?

With the ultra-narrow frame of your TCL TV set, you will gain immersion and experience every moment as intensely as if you were at the theatre: the frame of your TV disappears to reveal the actual image! Get ready – here comes the big thrill!

Forget constraints and enjoy a larger-size image!

With its ultra-narrow frame, your TV set offers a larger screen than a conventional TV set of the same overall dimensions! You can think big and treat yourself to the pleasure of watching a larger-size image without using up more volume in the home. Enjoy and share: now you can invite even more people to your home theatre sessions!