Save energy, even watching TV
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Save energy, even watching TV
五月 11, 2017

Want to combine savings and comfort? You can reconcile both very easily with the light sensor on your TCL TV set. And because it enables you to slash your electricity bill while enhancing the quality of the image, we can bet you will no longer watch TV as before!

Brightness at the right time…

You prefer to watch your film as at the movie theatre, in complete dark? Or with the light on? For your viewing comfort, TCL TV sets are fitted with a light sensor that adjusts their brightness to the various levels of light in your room. No more adjustments, it's automatic! Thus, you enjoy a perfect harmony between the surrounding light and the brightness of your TV set. You no longer tire your eyes thanks to an image that is adapted to your environment.

...Savings at all times!

The light sensor also enhances your daily life: adjusting the brightness enables you to achieve 60% energy savings. Higher picture quality, greater comfort, and reduced electricity bill: could ask for more?