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Voice search
五月 11, 2017


Voice search

The choice on TV has become huge with thousands of series, films, and games. Navigating and even finding what you are looking for turns out to be beyond complicated when using the remote. A voice search, which is finally operational after many years of development, solves this problem and is installed on TCL's X1 TV.

Your TV is a multimedia powerhouse! It is connected to the Internet, receives thousands of programmes via DTT, satellite or VOD sites and it is also able to synchronise with tablets, PCs, or smartphones. Managing all of these audio and video streams is a technological and functional puzzle. Indeed, beyond the technical aspects of processing and resizing different formats, the viewer must be able to navigate through this mass of information without getting lost.


Choosing Android

Major TV brands have been developing increasingly sophisticated user interfaces for years. In line with what has been done on smartphones and tablets, the trend is towards simplification and practicality is essential. As such, many manufacturers have chosen Android TV because the Google experience with Android is well established, the vast majority of smartphones use this operating system, and users find a familiar environment on their TV.

Recherche vocale

Voice search operational at last

The latest version, Android 6.0, is very interesting for more than one reason. In particular, it includes a powerful voice search feature. Controlling a flat screen using a smartphone or by making signs in front of a camera did not raise much enthusiasm with consumers; however, voice search is much more promising. It is increasingly installed on electronic products and works better. The time where you had to bow to a tedious learning curve for the system to recognise your voice is far behind us. Now it is simple and powerful.


Talking to your remote control

In terms of TV, Apple and Google are in the process of moving the lines, the first with the Apple TV and Siri and the second with Android TV and Voice Search. TCL's X1 TV includes Android TV and this voice recognition feature. A microphone is installed in the remote control. Simply press the button and run your request. The voice recognition feature automatically activates itself. You can ask question about the weather, a football match, a film, or the launch of YouTube: anything is possible!

Recherche vocale


An advanced search

Voice Search can even support long sentences such as, "What will the weather be like in Paris tomorrow?" asked naturally without having to raise your voice. The search is run on dozens of programmes, applications, and websites and the results are displayed on the home screen in seconds. It is simple and efficient! You can search through Netflix, Google Play, or YouTube. More than 60 applications are compatible with this voice recognition system. "Which films won an Oscar in 2013?" You do not know, your TV will be able to tell you. However, it is especially on the essentials that Google's voice search impresses on the TV. We generally only know part of the title, the story, or an actor. Voice Search understands almost everything you say and suggests texts based on what you have said even before you have finished talking. Quirky words, proper names, and abbreviations do not scare it. Say "zap de Spion 278" and Android TV suggests watching the suitable number of the best of the Internet on Youtube. With such effectiveness, you will soon get into the habit of saying "House of Cards Season 2 Episode 1" to watch the series on Netflix rather than navigating through the menus.


THE solution

Android 6.0's voice search installed on TCL's X1 TV solves a major problem of TV: the user is faced with an infinite number of programmes, series, games, and films and the remote control is not a practical tool to search or navigate through complex menus. The computer solved the problem with the mouse, the smartphone with the touchscreen, and TV has finally succeeded with voice search. Trying is believing!