Pet Tracker

Keep your pet close with MoveTrack Pet Tracker

Always keep your four-legged friend safe with MoveTrack Pet Tracker. It gives them the freedom to explore and play, while ensuring you can always find them with comprehensive multi-geo location tracking, geofencing and an E-badge QR code.

Go exploring with your pet with its durable IP67-rated design with rubber casing available in four colors to fit any style. Enjoy more playtime with a powerful battery that can last up to 14 days without a charge.

Help them come home

No matter if your pet is a regular escape artist or accidentally slips the leash on their walk, know they'll always find their way home to you with MoveTrack's E-badge QR code.

When someone discovers your pet, they can easily scan the code and contact you to return your pet safely home.

Find your pet anywhere in real time

Locate your loyal pet whether they're under the bed or across the country with MoveTracker's hyper-accurate real-time tracking.

MoveTrack provides a triple threat of tracking modes, letting you keep tabs on your favorite companion manually, automatically or in real-time depending on your needs. Set safe zones for your pet and get alerts if they leave the area with MoveTracker's geofencing.

Supporting more networks, MoveTrack makes it easier to find your pet than ever before. Multi-geo location tracking including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou let you find your furry friend almost anywhere in the world with precision. Hunt them down when they're hiding right under your nose at home with Wi-Fi and Location Based-Services.

Encourage health & happiness

Know your pet is staying happy and healthy with MoveTracker's activity tracker. See how much they're walking, playing and resting by day, week or month and get alerts about notable changes in activity.

Stay styling

Keep your pet looking fresh with MoveTrack's durable rubber cases available in four different styles. Easy to put on and remove, the cases are compatible with any collar.

Adventure anywhere

Your pet is part of your pack-bring them along on all your adventures with MoveTrack. Whether they enjoy rolling in the grass, hiking in mud, or swimming and digging at the beach, MoveTrack's IP67 water and dust-resistant design ensure it can tag along for all the fun. If you're out after the sun goes down, turn on MoveTrack's LED light through its app to easily find your pet in the dark.

Play for days

Enjoy more fetch, more walks and more play with your pet with MoveTrack's 470mAh battery that can last up to 14 days without a charge.