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Keeping an eye on your four-legged friend has never been easier with the MoveTrack Pet Tracker. Let your pets explore and exercise without worry using its advanced real-time tracking and geofencing to always know where they are. Go into the bath or muddy outdoors with its durable design. Find other pet owners and playmates for your pet using its dedicated app.


Protect your pet and keep them happy with MoveTrack Pet Tracker. Know their precise location while letting them play with its advanced real-time tracking technology and virtual leash and geofencing. Ensure your pets are healthy and active with its activity tracker and go on daring adventures with its IP67 water and dust resistance and 14-day battery life. Make sure they always get home safe with a scannable QR code and night LED that make it easy to find even the biggest wanderers. Connect with a community of pet lovers and find playmates for your pet with its dedicated app.

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Advanced real-time tracking,

geofencing & activity tracker

Durable design,

14-day battery & app-connected LED

Pet community


Watch over your pet in

real time
with advanced accuracy

Locate your furry friend anytime, anywhere with MoveTrack Pet Tracker. Its dedicated smart-tracker chipset with a 5G Cat M connection and Narrowband Internet-of-Things integration provides full tracking coverage. Get your pet's precise location with auto, manual and live tracking modes paired with an array of sensors and GPS. Let your pets stretch their legs while keeping them safe with its virtual leash and geofencing. Set safe zones for your pets and receive real-time alerts if they leave the area. Ensure your pet is staying happy and healthy with an activity tracker that lets you track their movement routes and see their play, walking and rest stats by day, week or month.

  • Narrowband Internet-of-Things, Cat M connection & 2G Multimode

  • Hyper-accurate location with Wi-Fi, GPS, LBS, Galileo & GLONASS

  • Auto, manual & live tracking modes

  • Geofencing notifications

  • Activity tracker for playing, walking & rest


carefree with your pet

Whether your pets love to play in the mud or go on adventures, MoveTrack Pet Tracker can go along for the ride with IP67 water and dust resistance and up to 14 days of battery life. Attach the tracker to your pet's collar and turn on its app-connected LED on your phone to easily find your pet in the dark. A scannable QR code on the MoveTracker Pet Tracker lets people easily reach you if they find your pet, so even the best escape artist pets can find their way home.

  • 14-day battery life

  • IP67 water and dust resistance

  • App-connected LED for night location

  • Scannable QR code tag


with your pet

Meet nearby pet owners, find friends for your pet to play with and join a community of pet lovers to connect with through pictures, stories and chats with MoveTrack Pet Tracker's dedicated app.

  • Connect with & meet nearby pet owners

  • Find playmates for your pet

  • Share pet pictures & stories