How to handle auto reboot into Android recovery mode issue on MediaTek Android 12 device.


If your device (with active SIM card and mobile data on) auto reboot into Android Recovery mode as below Figure#1, The symptom will not appear if SIM card is removed from the device.

Please follow below solution section to fix it.

Figure#1 Android Recovery mode

Google Play system update solution with user data kept on device

Please click video example of Google Play system update solution for your reference.

1.    Remove the SIM card(s).

Note: for models which need to remove back cover and hard-pack battery before removing SIM card(s), reboot device and go to step #3.

2.    If the device is in the Android Recovery mode (Figure#2), click volume up/down button to choose “Try again”, click power button to confirm, then the device goes to the launcher (start screen) normally.

Note: Your data is not lost.

3.    Connect your device to a Wi-Fi network and login to your Google account.

4.    Go to “Settings->Security & biometrics”, wait a few minutes for the system to load the menu option “Google Play system update”

Note: you can also reboot the device after Google account login and go to check the option “Google Play system update” with Wi-Fi on.

5.    Touch “Google Play system update” menu to check for update manually.

6.    Touch “Download & install” to update manually.

7.    After installation finish, touch “Restart now”, it takes about two minutes for the restart process.

8.    After the restart, SIM card(s) can be inserted again, and the device will work normally.