LTE Cat12 Outdoor CPE

Complete 4G coverage with fast installation

Ultimate speed

Achieve 4G broadband coverage even in the remotest of areas with LINKHUB 4G Outdoor CPE. Its 3GPP Cat12 connection provides seamless connection you can install and utilize instantly with a downlink speed of up to 600Mbps and an uplink speed up to 100Mbps.

Complete coverage

Create complete coverage with LINKHUB's high-gain 4x4 MIMO antennae that provide a signal up to 9dBi. They bridge the distance between your CPE and LTE towers, so you can blanket large areas with 4G connection. Enjoy fast, fluid connection in the largest of homes by connecting LINKHUB to your Wi-Fi 5 home router and Mesh Wi-Fi system for up to 400m² of coverage.

IP67 weatherproof protection

LINKHUB's 4G technology is housed in casing specially designed for outdoor use with IP67 certification for water, dust and surge protection. Able to operate in temperatures ranging from -40℃ to more than 55℃, it can handle whatever nature throws at it.

Easy installation

LINKHUB's effortless set up makes it easy to enjoy 4G connection instantly with fast wall or pole-mounted installation. Power over Ethernet (POE) lets you switch LINKHUB on and connect to your home router immediately without extra cords.