What have hung up and cabinet machines without plug? Why doesn't the manufacturer provide air switch?

Generally speaking, the instantaneous current of the split machine or cabinet machine above 2p (including 2P) is very high when it is started, which is 2-3 times of the running current. The maximum current that the general air conditioning plug can bear is about 15a, while the general plug cannot bear such high current when starting. This will cause the power plug to burn for a long time, and more seriously, it will cause fire. In order to avoid such accidents, national security It is stipulated by the bureau that the rated current of air conditioner is above 16a, air conditioner manufacturer is not allowed to provide power plug, but air switch or knife switch must be used. In addition, because the air switch is a common household power distribution equipment, not within the scope of air conditioner production, so the manufacturer does not have a unified air switch.