65" 4K UHD Android TV™
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Seamless picture: See every detail thanks to UHD screen resolution Enjoy online world: Wealth of online applications, VOD services, catch-up TVs and Internet web browsing Excellent HDR experience: Experience for striking brightness, exceptional shadow detail and vividly accurate colour. Cinema experts surround sound: Enjoy DTS Premium surround sound with clear dialogs, content adapted sound settings and DTS decoding Great picture quality: Stunning clarity, motion, deep contrast

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Ultra HDHDR PremiumMicro DimmingPPI 1200DTS Premium SoundAndroid TV


P60 series

Share unique TV moments! Powered by Android TV™

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4K-Ultra HD: 4 times more pixels, 4 times more details!

The Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution is 4 times greater than Full HD. You will be captivated by the perfect precisions of the images on our Ultra HD TVs that display an image with over 8 million pixels. Never miss a single detail, be part of the action!

Android TV: Entertainment tailored for you

The latest Android TV smart system fully supports Google Play, Chromecast built-in and Voice search and brings you brand new smart life experience and enjoyment. Google Play offers great content, apps and games to your TV. Stream movies and TV shows, listen to music or play Android games on the biggest screen in your home. And with helpful features like voice search and Chromecast built-in, Android TV makes your TV smarter.

Slim frame in brushed aluminium

Brushed aluminium slim frame conveys a hint of beauty and serenity greater than you have imagined. P60’s wrap-up back design enhances heat radiating area for long-lasting usage, perfectly combine function and- thinness design in practice.

DTS prémium hangzás a mély hangzásélményért

Brushed aluminium slim frame conveys a hint of beauty and serenity greater than you have imagined. P60’s wrap-up back design enhances heat radiating area for long-lasting usage, perfectly combine function and- thinness design in practice.

HDR: Deepest blacks, higher contrast and vivid colours

The latest standard for UHD content is High Dynamic Range. HDR produces stricking brightness, vividly precise colour and dazzling detail images with accurate reproduction of light and dark shades. And allow you to experience HDR content via all sources.

10 Bit Panel: 64x more colours!

Our new 10-bit panel offers unrivalled colour precision (64x more colours than in standard TV) and smooth lifelike shades while avoiding unpleasant contouring (banding) effect.

Micro Dimming: Great contrast

A Micro Dimming 200 különálló zónában elemzi a videótartalmat a világos és sötét területek független beállításához. Fantasztikus megtekintési élmény lesz nagy kontrasztú és élénk képminőséggel.

PPI 1200

A Picture Performance Index (PPI) nevű képjavító technológia az alábbi kulcsparaméterekkel dolgozik a képjavítás érdekében: felbontás, kontraszt, színskála, elmozdulás és a képernyő típusa. A EP64 sorozat kombinálja a fejlett képjavító technológiákat (pl. 4K UHD, széles színskála, micro-dimming, 10 bites panel), melynek hatása 1200-as PPI értékeket ér el.

Less browsing, more watching

Voice Search allows you to search content by voice at the touch of a button by speaking your queries. Just press a button and say “Family Guy”. Android TV will look for the latest episodes, YouTube videos, and more. Or try “romantic comedies” for date night recommendations. P60 Series is voice search ready. Remote control with integrated microphone is available separately. You can however use Voice Search with your Smartphone thanks to the free TCL nScreen Application available on Google Play and App Store. When you don’t know what to watch, Android TV recommends good content. Movies, shows and videos from supported apps appear automatically on your home screen.

Your favorite content and apps

Get the apps you love for your TV: Netflix*, YouTube*, NBA Game Time, and more are available on Android TV. See apps for movies, shows, music, sports and videos at Android TV also supports Chromecast-enabled apps that you can stream from your mobile device or laptop to the TV. Discover Chromecast-built in apps at * in 4K HDR quality

Android játékok a TV-készülékén

Android TV offers a new way to play Android games on your phone, tablet or TV. Start at home on your TV, then continue on your phone when you’re on the move. Google Play games tracks your progress so you can pick up where you left off . Use your TV remote or your phone for casual games with friends and family. Or grab up to four gamepads (sold separately) and immerse yourself in multiplayer arcade racers, 3D battles and beautiful adventures. Any family member can now enjoy their favorite game on a large TV screen at home.

Chromecast built-in

Chromecast built-in is a platform that lets you stream your favorite entertainment from your phone, tablet or laptop right to your TV. Easily control your TV with apps you already know and love from your iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac® or Windows® laptop, or Chromebook.


Wi-Fi 802.11ac is the latest WiFi standard delivering fast wireless connection. Combined with MIMO technology it allows more stable wireless connectivity, wider coverage, very low latency to avoid any shift between the action and the picture when you're playing games on line.



A vásárlói útmutató: fedezze fel az Ön számára ideális TV-t

Sok különböző kritériumot kell figyelembe vennie új televízió készüléke kiválasztásánál, és nem mindig könnyű ezeket (kinézet, a lakberendezéséhez való illeszkedés, használat, 4K vagy UHD megjelenítési minőség, Smart TV vagy Android TV kapcsolódás, költség) mérlegelni - pont ezért a TCL egy vásárlói útmutatót alkotott. Ez a négy kérdés gyorsabbá és könnyebbé teszi az ön és családja, valamint barátai számára az ideális TV kiválasztását.

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65" EP68 series