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Elite Series - Smart Air 18K BTU
AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Split Wall-Mounted
  • 3 Star 
  • AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner
  • Key Features
  • Smart Connectivity
  • Ultra Tropical Working Till 60 °C High Ambient Temperature
  • Ultra Fast Cooling in 30 Seconds
  • 40% Energy Saving
  • Gold Fin Evaporator and Condenser
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Smart Connectivity
TCL smart ACs works with Google Assistant and with TCL Home App and ensures smart connectivity.
AI Ultra-Inverter
AI Ultra-Inverter Compressor technology designed by TCL for Ultra-low frequency operation ensures 40% Energy Saving.  
Strong Cooling in High Ambient Temperature
Innovative engineering by TCL ensures premium and extreme strong cooling technology even High Ambient temperatures. 
Rapid Cooling in 30 Seconds
TCL Ultra-Inverter Compressor designed to start with high frequency, runs at maximum
RPM and affirms the temperature reduction to 18°C in 30 Seconds
Titan Gold Evaporator and Condenser
Titan Gold serves as high efficiency heat exchangers and it also increase the life of both the Evaporator and Condenser.
Eco-Friendly R32 Refrigerant
TCL uses R32 Eco-Friendly Refrigerant that can convey heat efficiently and has much lower Global Warming Potential.
Digital Temperature Display
TCL Air Conditioners provide Digital Temperature Display which ensures clear and intelligible temperature display.
4 Way Air Flow
TCL AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner has horizontal and vertical louver equipped with modulating motor to ensure 4 Way Air Flow providing uniform cooling in the entire room.
Safety First Design
TCL AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner has safety centric build with Fireproof Control Box that supports long term performance.
100% Copper Tubing
TCL AI Ultra-Inverter Air Conditioner provides 100% Copper Tubing in Indoor and Outdoor Unit which increases the efficiency of heat transfer.
Advanced Remote Sensor with I Feel Technology
I Feel mode provided by TCL Air Conditioner enables environmental temperature to be taken directly via a sensor built into the remote ensuring high precision in sensing the room temperature.
Sleep Mode
TCL AI Ultra-Inverter AC once activated with Sleep mode runs at lower capacity maintaining a narrow temperature buffer and ensures energy-efficient performance throughout the night, therefore providing quiet, pleasant and undisturbed sleep.
Mute Mode
Hit Mute provided by TCL Air Conditioners for a hushed operation which ensures you to concentrate the important things.
Split Wall-mounted
Product Type
Inverter Cooling Only
Power Supply
Cooling Capacity
5200(1500 ~ 5650)
Heating Capacity
Power consumption (Cooling)
1750( 500 ~ 2100 )
Power consumption (Heating)
Energy Class
3 Star
Indoor Noise Level
Outdoor Noise Level
Indoor Unit Size (W*D*H)
Outdoor Unit Size (W*D*H)
Application area
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