E-Commerce Return and Exchange Policy

        In order to clarify the procedure of return and exchange services for the products purchased from TCL’ e-commerce operated by PT Selalu Unggul Indonesia 【“PT Selalu”, “our”, “we” or “us”】and related matters, therefore this return and exchange policy (“Return and Exchange Policy”) is set. We provide comprehensive after-sales service and undertake to provide return and exchange services in accordance with this Return and Exchange Policy.

Things to Consider in Return and Exchange the Products:

•  To ensure a successful return and exchange, please make sure the integrity of the products and gifts are in as new condition, and that you have the original packaging on hand. Products and gifts shall be maintained as the original quality, function, product itself, accessory trademark identification, and packaging intact. Please return the whole set of products.

•  The electronic gifts (points or other coupons, etc.) related to this purchase will be automatically deducted or canceled after the return process is completed.

Return and Exchange Plan:

•  Under this Return and Exchange Policy, if you are dissatisfied with the products (regardless of problems of quality or non-quality of the product), please make sure that you have signed the product’s receipt (depending on the date of receipt of the express delivery). If you apply for a return or exchange within 14 days after the product purchase under the following conditions, we will provide a return and exchange service.

•  (a)there is a mistake and/ or discrepancy with the products sent to you;

•  (b)there is a mistake and/ or discrepancy with the actual time of delivery of the products;

•  (c)there is a hidden defect;

•  (d)the product is broken; and/ or

•  (e)the products have expired.

•  If you have any after-sales questions, you can call our after-sales telephone number: 0800-1900-825, or Whatsapp number: 0878-9000-6800

•  Please check whether the products are in good condition in time after receiving the products, and promptly ask for return and exchange. Return and exchange applications that exceed 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods (depending on the date of receipt of the product’s delivery) will not be able to handle the return and exchange for you.

The Cost of Return and Exchange (including freight):

The Cost of Return and Exchange of the products shall be handled as follows:

•  A: For returns that are not caused by quality problems, the cost of return and exchange will be borne by the customer.

•  B: For the return and exchange due to the quality problems, we will bear all return and exchange costs.

Refund Process to the Customers:

•  We will complete the refund within 15 working days after we received the return process.