TCL Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater (Silver)

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TCL Fully Automatic Front Load with In-built Heater (Silver)

· 16 Wash Programs
· Hot water wash till 95 degree C
· Honeycomb Crystal Drum
· 20 Minutes Quick wash
· Auto Error Diagnosis
· Dual Detergent Case
· Auto Drum Clean
· 5 Star Rating

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16 Wash Programs

This front load washing machine from TCL features 16 wash programs. These wash programs are designed to take care of your laundry needs from start to end. Separate wash programs for different types of clothes ensure that each fabric gets the care that they deserve. The 16 wash programs include Prewash, Intensive, Spin, Super Quick, Drum Clean, Rinse+Spin, Bedding, Cotton, Sports-fitness, Allergy Care, Dark Color, Mix, Shirt, Wool, Synthetics, and Silk.

Ultimate Protection

Featuring an inbuilt water heater this washing machine is capable of heating the water to up to 95 degrees which sterilizes your clothes and ensures complete protection. The hot water eliminates bacteria and germs from your clothes and delivers you germ-free, clean and fresh laundry.

Honeycomb Crystal Drum

The drum of this washing machine has a honeycomb-like structure inside that ensures optimum protection to your fabrics during the wash cycle. The smooth ridges are just perfect to give your fabrics a thorough yet gentle wash.

Energy Efficient

This washing machine comes with 5 Star rating which ensures that it uses minimal electricity and water while operating. It not only helps you conserve electricity and water but also proves to be economical on your electricity and water bills.

Auto Error Diagnosis

One of the most interesting features of this new range of TCL washing machines is the Auto Error Detection Technology. With the inclusion of this technology, the washing machine can now automatically detect the error and display the error code on the display panel. This helps the user know the possible cause of the error and also find the possible solution to rectify the error on the go. The washing machine comes with specific error codes that help you quickly find the fault and ensure faster resolution from the service team.

Dual Detergent Case

This washing machine from TCL features a dual detergent case that allows you to choose the detergent of your choice is it the liquid one or powder. It offers you the flexibility to switch from one type of detergent to the other one.


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