5 easy ways to increase the life of your Air Conditioner


Tips 2021-05-31

Its well-known in the industry that ACs and furnaces are two appliances that work well past their rated duration of usage. If you take good care of your system, it will keep operating at optimum levels. 

However, the reality is that even a system that is well-cared for will suffer from regular usage. What could happen then?

●     Reduced energy efficiency 
●     Increased Utility Bills  
●     Breaking down of parts resulting in unplanned maintenance. 

So,  here are six ways you can increase the life of your Air Conditioner :

Schedule Annual Service & Maintenance 

Air Conditioner systems aren’t high maintenance but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t practice routine maintenance. Your air conditioner should be tuned, inspected, and cleaned every year by professional air conditioning service or by your manufacturer’s authorised service agents.  It’s advised to schedule air conditioner service before the beginning of the summer in advance so that you are not suffering from an inefficient air conditioner along with the terrible summer heat . This will also allow you to deal with a serious problem before the time comes to switch your systems.

A tune-up will involve lubricating moving parts, a thorough inspection, checking refrigerant levels, condenser cleaning and checking the heat exchanger for cracks, filter replacement and  build up cleaning of drain tube.  

Change the Filter on a regular basis

The technician should be checking the filters during the annual check-ups but homeowners should keep an eye on the filter as well. Think about replacing them if they’re dirty even if it’s not yet time to get them changed.

Dirty air filters mean that the system will need to work twice as hard to circulate air in the home. This will not only impact the fan but the entire cooling system will suffer.  Airflow will be compromised. So this is a double whammy of the filter failing and at the same time the overall efficiency and performance getting compromised

Check up on the Condenser

The condenser of the air conditioner is built to withstand the elements since it is situated outside the home. However, the condenser can sustain damage from weather and even general usage. Check on the condition of your condenser after a major storm to search for signs of damage. Also, clean up any weeds or leaves that have accumulated around the condenser. If there is vegetation growing next to the condenser unit, it must be cleared to make room for it to breathe.

Get an Intelligent Thermostat

One of the best ways to extend the life of your cooling unit is to invest in smart thermostats. They can be controlled from anywhere using your tablet or smartphone and are easy to program as well. 

With the TCL home app, you can operate your smart AC from anywhere. This ensures cooling at a scheduled time, keeping your room cool even before you enter. 

With greater ease for managing your thermostat settings, there will be less pressure put upon your air conditioner and will help prolong its service life.

Use your air conditioner fan effectively

There are usually two fan settings in most systems. The ‘auto’ setting will instruct the fan to only run when the system is cooling or heating actively while the ‘on’ setting instructs it to constantly run. Most systems come with dual-speed fans that provide a more energy-efficient setting for the cooling and heating cycles. There are several advantages for using the ‘on’ setting since it traps more dust, making breathing easier in homes where people have allergies or respiratory conditions. 

Combining all the recommendations above can be a game changer in terms of enhancing the lifetime of the AC.



Tips 2021-05-31