5 Reasons Why You Need to Service Your Air Conditioner Regularly


Tips 2021-03-16

Air Conditioners are just like any other machine, they need regular servicing and maintenance. They are constantly in use, especially in summers. But if not serviced on time, they might stop working just when you need it or they may work inefficiently, drawing more electricity than needed to cool the area.


Here are 5 reasons why you should seriously consider servicing your air conditioner regularly.

Maintaining and servicing your air conditioners make them last longer. Machines experience wear and tear from regular use. When not serviced, their performance decreases over time. A machine that's built to last 5-10 years may not serve you beyond 2-3 years.

It's best to call in experts or technicians to service your air conditioner. They will ensure all components or parts of the air conditioner are in good condition.


Reduces cost in the long run
When air conditioners are not serviced or maintained, their components start performing poorly or malfunction. This may lead to your unit consuming more electricity than needed. Which in turn leads to very expensive electricity bills. Worst case scenario may require you to replace the entire unit prematurely.


Clean Air
Air conditioners have filters in them.

TCL ultra inverter AC comes with Silver Ion filters. This ensures that the air in the room is clean without bacteria or virus. There is also a micro dust filter, that prevents dust from collecting in interior parts of the filter.

During servicing, the filters are regularly cleaned. This ensures that you continue to get clean air to breathe. Extended benefit is that the air that you breathe is clean, without virus, bacteria or dust. And your air conditioner also serves you longer.


Cooling and Malfunctioning
The air conditioner’s purpose is to cool the room. Without regular servicing, the air conditioner may cool more than required or not cool as required. There is also the possibility of the air in the room smelling stale. The long term effects could lead to health hazards caused by inhaling stale air. So, there is an increased electricity bill as well as increased medical bills.
Regular servicing and maintenance is required to ensure that the unit does its job without malfunctioning or increasing your expenses.


Reducing Carbon Footprint
Regular servicing is required to make the air conditioner run more efficiently. This means not drawing more energy or electricity. When air filters get clogged or when the condenser coil becomes dirty, the air conditioner will have to work more hard to do its job. While this increases the electricity bill, it also leaves a larger carbon footprint on the planet.

Regular service and maintenance will not only save you money but will also mean you reduce your carbon footprint.

You might wonder how frequently your air conditioner needs to be serviced. That depends on several factors. What type of air conditioner it is, how old or new it is and how frequently it is used.

At TCL, we recommend servicing your unit at least 2-3 times in a year. TCL has more than 450 centres across India. You can call on toll free number 18001020622 to fix a servicing appointment as per your convenience. When you purchase a TCL air conditioner, you get 2 complimentary services in the first 12 months. We do not use third party agents for service to ensure you have direct access to our services and that your feedback reaches us directly.




Tips 2021-03-16