What should the daily cleaning and sterilization of the refrigerator pay attention to?

During daily use, refrigerators are prone to accumulate dirt, odors and bacteria, which can be harmful to our health. Therefore, it is important to clean them thoroughly on a regular basis (once a month is recommended). The steps to clean the refrigerator are as follows:
1. Before cleaning the refrigerator, first turn off the power, take off the power plug, take out all the food stored in the refrigerator;
2. Wipe the outside of the refrigerator first with a soft cloth containing warm water or neutral detergent, and then dry it with a clean soft cloth;
3. Open the door of the box, remove all bottle holders, glass shelves and drawers in the refrigerator and freezer, and then scrub with soft wet cloth and neutral detergent. After scrubbing, wipe with a dry cloth or place in a ventilated place to dry;
4. In order to prevent damage to the coating layer outside the box and the plastic parts inside the box, do not use alkaline or weak alkaline detergent, washing powder, grinding paste, boiled water, acid and organic solvent to clean the refrigerator;
5. Wait for the frost layer in the freezer to melt naturally. During the frost melting period, put a towel at the bottom of the refrigerator to absorb water, so as to prevent excessive water from cleaning. Do not use sharp objects to shovel the frost on the evaporator, otherwise it is easy to scratch the evaporator;
6. After the frost to melt completely, began to scrub the tank freezer, you can use a wet soft cloth with neutral detergent to wipe, but when wiping the refrigerator the components such as switches, floodlight and temperature controller, please twist the soft cloth to dry and then wipe;
7. The door gasket is easy to adhere to dirty things such as soup and juice, which will be easily damaged and lead to cold air leakage after becoming dirty. It is recommended to remove the door gasket and clean it, wipe it dry with a dry cloth, and flatten the door gasket, and heat it evenly with a hair dryer to better restore its elasticity, reinstall the door gasket;
8. After all parts are cleaned, keep the door open. After the refrigerator is fully dried, reinstall the bottle holders, glass shelves, drawers and other accessories;
9. Put the power plug firmly in, check whether the temperature controller is set in the correct position, start the refrigerator, wait for about an hour, check whether the temperature in the box drops, and then put the food into the refrigerator again.