Capture with the ultimate camera and share with the ultimate speed with TCL 10 5G's 64MP AI quad-camera and 5G connection.

Achieve a new level of detail with 64MP photos and 4K video that's always stable and focused. Make your night moments bright with Super Night Mode and 4-in-1 big pixel technology. Take photos from up close with a Macro Camera or far away with an Super Wide-Angle Camera and achieve professional bokeh with a Depth Camera.

Powerful capabilities

64MP AI quad-cam
AI 4K video
Phase detection autofocus (PDAF)
5G fast sharing


Exreme low-light photography
Super Night Mode
4-in-1 big pixel

Powerful versatility

Super wide-angle photos
Macro detail photos
Depth bokeh photos

Detailed in all situations

Get maximum details with 9280 x 6944-pixel resolution ideal for sharing over 5G with TCL 10 Pro's 64MP Ultra High-Resolution Camera. Its highly detailed images allow them to be expanded with no loss in picture quality.

Know all your photos are sharply focused with phase detection autofocus (PDAF). Take in maximum high-resolution detail with 4K video recording. Whether you're filming your friend surfing the waves or your pet running in the park, record it with live auto zoom and auto tracking for professional shake-free footage that follows your subject's every move.

Instant high resolution sharing

Share photos of your latest adventure or video from your latest get-together instantly with TCL 10 5G.

It gives you the speed you need with 2.5 times*1 faster uploads, so you can post your 100MB 4K video in four seconds and 20MB of your 64MP photos in less than a second.

Brighter low-light shooting

Capture your best light with extreme low-light shooting, Super Night Mode and 4-in-1 big pixel technology.

Automatically provide your photos three times the brightness in extreme low-light environments so you can capture moments whenever and wherever they happen.*2 Whether you're shooting beneath the city's neon lights or the stars out in the wild, capture vibrant images in the dark that are full of color and detail using Super Night Mode.

Show your best side with TCL 10 5G'S 4-in-1 big-pixel*3 technology. It lets in twice the natural light and combines four pixels into one for selfies with twice the luminous brightness.

Wider shots

See more of the world with with TCL 10 5G.

Super Wide-Angle Camera

Capture the city skyline or the sun coming over the horizon in their complete splendor with an 8MP Super Wide-Angle Camera that fits more into the frame.*4

Beautiful details & greater depths

Take in every intricacy with a 5MP Macro Camera. Get up to 2 centimeters close to discover a new level of detail that allows you to appreciate every aspect of what you're shooting. Make your photos more nuanced with a 2MP Depth Camera that provides rich bokeh for professional-quality pictures that emphasize your subject.

1. Based on the upload speed of a standard 4G phone (75Mbpbs) compared to the upload speed of TCL 10 5G (200Mbps).

2. Extreme low-light environments refers to brightness conditions below 1 lux.

3. 1.8μm achieved by the combination of four 0.9μm pixels.

4. Compared to the standard camera angle (approximately 74 degrees) excluding wide-angle distortion correction. Data based on results from TCL Camera Lab tests.

All 5G speeds are based on theoretical values in the sub-6 band. Real speeds depend on user's networks and other factors.

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