Is it normal for the refrigerator to compress and run continuously for a long time? How to deal with it?

Note: Under normal circumstances, the ratio of refrigerator work to downtime is about 1:0.55.
1. It takes a long time to run the newly purchased machine for the first time or after a long-term power outage. It is recommended to observe for 24 hours to confirm.
2. It is necessary to check whether the temperature setting is normal. For mechanical refrigerators, if the temperature control gear is set at a higher gear, it is normal that the refrigerator will not stop for a long time. It is recommended that customers select the gear in the middle gear for observation and use. In addition, if the low temperature compensation switch is not turned off, it will also cause the refrigerator to work for a long time. For electronically controlled refrigerators, if the temperature is set to the coldest or the quick-freezing function is enabled, there will be a long-term non-stop phenomenon. It is recommended that customers choose the appropriate temperature (about 5 degree) or wait for the quick-freezing function to stop before observing and using it.
3. Reasons of daily use:
(a) The stored food contains a lot of calories, and stored food is too much, with a large heat load.
(b) The door is open for many times, the door opening time is long and the door is not closed tightly, resulting in rapid cold and heat exchange between the outside and the inside of the refrigerator, which makes the temperature inside the refrigerator rise and increases the working time of the refrigerator.
(c) The ambient temperature is high or the distance between the refrigerator and the wall is too small (make sure the distance is at least 5-10cm), which delays the speed of heat dissipation, the condenser cannot release all the heat, and the heat re-enters the refrigerator to circulate, thus lengthening the working time of the refrigerator.
(d) The frost layer on the surface of the evaporator is too thick, hindering heat exchange and delaying the temperature from dropping to the set value, causing the compressor to remain working. Daily defrost should be done regularly to keep the frost layer thickness less than 5mm.
4. Other factors:
(a) When the refrigerator reaches the set temperature, it will enter a constant temperature state. At this time, the compressor stops working, and the refrigerator will work or stop working from time to time, which is a normal phenomenon.
(b) If the refrigerator itself is large (such as a side-by-side combination refrigerator), the operation time is relatively long.