TCL Unveils Latest Extra Large Premium QD-Mini LED TV Line up and Smart Home Appliances to Transform Home Entertainment and Inspire Greatness Globally




Greatness Begins at home - TCL's pioneering display technology catapults home entertainment into a new realms of luminous clarity, as smart domestic technology paves the way for a healthier and more inspirational future.


Hong Kong, August 29, 2023 - TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand and the world's top two TV brand, today unveiled an impressive lineup of advanced extra-large QD-Mini LED TVs and latest smart home announcements to reinvent life at home. TCL continues to enhance everyday experiences and inspire consumers worldwide with its groundbreaking technologies.


A Brighter and Livelier Future with TCL Display Innovation – Up to 5000+ FALD Zones and 5000 Nits Peak Brightness


TCL continues to redefine the home entertainment landscape, introducing its latest line up of QD-Mini LED TVs as the latest proof point to its commitment to quality and innovation.


At the pinnacle of this category stands TCL’s flagship QD-Mini LED TV X955 Series, featuring the unprecedented over 5,000 full array local dimming zones and 5,000 nits of peak brightness, offering a level of detail and vibrancy that redefines the viewing experience.


Equipped with QLED technology, TCL X955 Series produces more than a billion colours and an extensive 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut. It is powered by the AiPQ Processor 3.0 – TCL’s latest proprietary AI algorithms to offer the optimized clarity, contrast, HDR support, colours and motions in various scenes. It is also certified by TUV Rheinland for its Realistic Visual Experience.


On top of its exceptional picture quality, X955 Series features powerful cinematic audio performance and striking design -  4.2.2 channel solution, a maximum of 160W Onkyo audio system as well as Dolby Atmos; ultra-slim, bezzle-less design with latest cable management.


The TCL X955 Series will be available in up to 85” and 98” large size in select global markets2.


Complementing the groundbreaking X955 Series, TCL presented the C855 Series, another standout in the QD-Mini LED TV range. Achieving 2,000 across both number of local dimming zones and peak brightness, the C855 Series offers the perfect balance between a large screen and outstanding picture quality with premium Mini LED and QLED performance. Additionally, its 120W Onkyo audio system and Dolby Atmos provide a theatrical sound experience.


The C855 Series will be available in 65", 75", 85" and 98” models in select global markets2.


TCL further defined their entry-level QD-Mini LED TV by introducing the un-matched in value, C755 Series – or C805 in Europe, with 1300 nits peak brightness and 144Hz VRR. It sets the threshold for what truly makes a good QD-Mini LED TV. For a 65” TV, only 500 local dimming zones or above can deliver true Mini LED picture quality customers are looking for.


The TCL C755 Series (or C805 in Europe) is available in an array of sizes: 50", 55", 65", 75", 85", and a breathtaking 98" in selected global markets2.


Maintaining global leadership in large-screen TV technology, TCL also presented a new 4K UHD TV, P745, the latest affordable model in large 85” and 98”. This offering reaffirms TCL's commitment to quality, reinforcing its reputation as a top choice for large-screen TVs.


A Healthy and Inspiring Future with TCL Air Conditioning Technologies and Smart Home Appliances


TCL is an expert of healthy and comfortable air management with over 3400 patents on air conditioning, 5 world-leading technologies and thousands of R&D experts around the world.


TCL has shown its dedication to innovative AC technology with   the continuous upgrade of the FreshIN Series, GentleCool Series and other AC models, and the introduction of the world’s first FreshIN+ 2.0 AC in 2023.


This year, TCL has announced the Phase I completion of TCL Wuhan Intelligent Industrial Park, with the annual capacity of over 6 million units, to meet the ever-growing need for premium air conditioning products. It has established the world’s first “Dust-free” assembly line for TCL FreshIN series. The Park is digital driven to wield the technology of AIoT, big data and machine learning to raise operation efficiency, product quality and lower its costs.


Alongside clean air, in order  to stay healthy and nourished, it is vital that customers have access to the right technology to keep food fresher for longer. Synonymous with smart, storage, and space-saving solutions, TCL's state-of-the-art refrigerating technologies are perfect fit for modern kitchens. With Automatic Anion-releasing Technology (AAT) , TCL refrigerators offer robust purification, antioxidation, and bacteriostatic features that effectively battle mold and pesticides, so food is kept in the optimum health conditions and is preserved for longer.


Speaking of health enhancements, TCL’s washing machines set the benchmark for hygiene, with anti-bacteria gasket that resists 99.9% of bacteria, and a Steam Wash feature that uses pure steam to remove stains and bacteria while simplifying ironing. To top it off, select TCL washing machines are rated A-class for energy efficiency and noise level, minimizing environmental impact.


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