How to deal with excessive noise in refrigerator running process?

1. The refrigerator is noisy when it starts running, and it is unavoidable. Small refrigerators (<250L) with a noise level below 39 decibels and large refrigerators with a noise level below 42 decibels meet the standard.
2. Newly purchased refrigerator or refrigerator that has just stored more items needs to take away a large amount of heat from the refrigerator within 48 hours. The refrigerator has high operating power and loud sound, which is a normal phenomenon
3. If you find that the noise becomes louder after using it for a period of time, it is because the refrigerator has a slight shaking during operation, which makes the bottom feet of the refrigerator loose, and you should adjust the bottom feet for further observation.
Recommended methods:
1. Be sure to remove the bottom packaging foam. You need to adjust the bottom feet first during installation. Note that the first two feet should be adjusted slightly higher than the rear feet to reduce the sound made by the compressor when it is working. Make sure the refrigerator is placed directly on the flat ground, with all four feet on the ground and no one foot is suspended.
2. Avoid putting the refrigerator in the resting bedroom. The noise will be more obvious in small rooms or quiet nights. It is recommended to put it in the kitchen and other places that do not need to be too quiet.