The freezer is not cooling?

1. Power problem: First, check whether the power cord is damaged and whether the power plug is in good contact. If there is no problem, turn on the power and open the door to see if the light is on.
2. For mechanical refrigerators, when the ambient temperature is lower than the normal starting temperature of the temperature controller, check whether the low-temperature compensation switch of the refrigerator is turned on. Only when the low temperature compensation switch is turned on can the temperature controller be forced on;
3. After starting, observe whether the compressor is working normally, open the rear cover of the compressor and check whether there is pipeline leakage;
4. It may be that the air duct is blocked or the frost layer of evaporator is too thick, which causes the air not flowing and hinders the transfer of cold quantity. At this time, the air duct should be dredge and the refrigerator should be cleaned;
5. If the problem cannot be solved by the above operation, please contact our professional maintenance personnel.