Top 10 Things To Do With Your New Tablet That You Should Know





Now that you’ve got a shiny new tablet, it’s time to start using it! But before you dive into all the possibilities, there are a few things you should know. That's why we've compiled this list of the top ten things to do with your new tablet that will help you become more familiar with how it works and how to get the most out of it:


Activate your tablet

To get started, go to the home screen (the first page) by pressing the icon in the bottom-left corner that looks like an open box with four squares inside. This will bring up all your apps and games that are already installed on your device. The next step is to set up your internet connection so you can start downloading apps and doing other fun things! If you bought it from a store, the salesperson will help you. If you bought it online, you can activate it with online support.


Transfer contacts and media

One thing many people don't realize when they get their first new device is how easy it is to transfer over contacts and media (photos/videos). In fact, these two things will probably be your most important transfer because they're things we use every day without even thinking about them.


The first thing you should do is back up your contacts and media. This is a good habit to get into with any device, but it’s especially important if this is your first tablet.


Protect your privacy and tablet

Firstly, use a lock screen on your tablet, so that nobody else can go through your phone without your permission because you're the only one who knows the password.

Secondly, Before you install an app, here’s what you can do to better protect your privacy:

  • Use official app stores. 
  • Know what information the app will be able to access.
  • Check out the permissions.

Thirdly, if possible get a screen protector for your device so it doesn't get damaged when dropped or in other ways.


Finally, buy one of those tablet cases or rubber skins which protect against scratches while still allowing easy access like buttons/USB ports, etc., this way even if there are any damages they wouldn't affect any important parts inside.


Connect your email accounts

Now that you've set up your tablet, it's time to get started with a few of its best features. One of the most important things to do is connect your email accounts so you can use them on your tablet.


You'll probably want to set up push notifications for emails so that they arrive in your inbox at regular intervals throughout the day.


Download apps

The most important thing you can do with your tablet is to download apps. While these are usually free, there is often an in-app purchase attached that gives the app additional features.


You can find apps through the built-in store of your tablet (usually called "Play Store", "App Store" or something similar). This is usually accessible from the home screen of your tablet or phone (if you have one). 


Tap and Swipe Basics

There are three basic gestures that you'll want to know: tap, swipe, and pinch.

Tap means tapping the screen when you want to select something like a button or link. You can also use your finger to draw shapes on the screen that can help you navigate or type things into text fields.

Swiping is another way of interacting with what's happening on the screen by moving your finger from one side of the screen to another very quickly. It works best in mobile apps where swipes will scroll through screens or highlight certain items in lists, for example.

Pinching involves using two fingers and pinching them together (or spreading out) over whatever's on-screen; this action zooms in or out on whatever it is you're viewing at that time.


Understand data usage

Understanding the data usage of your new tablet is important for two reasons. The first is to track how much data you use on the network so that you don’t end up paying extra fees if you go over your allotted amount. The second reason to understand data usage is to ensure that you are purchasing a plan with enough bandwidth for all of your devices.


You can find out how much data each device uses by going into its settings and checking under “cellular networks” or “mobile networks,” depending on what type of device it is (e-reader vs tablet). Data usage will be displayed in megabytes per month, so make sure to keep track of how many MBs are being used by all of the devices connected too!


Maximize battery life

Your tablet's battery is one of the most important components of your device. Without it, you can't do much of anything on your tablet. So, it's best to keep an eye on how long it lasts and how much time it takes to charge up again.


The first step towards maximizing your battery life is keeping the device cool while using it. If you're using a regular case or cover for protection against drops and scratches, these may add some bulk and make things hotter inside by trapping heat in. For this reason, try removing cases when possible and avoid placing tablets in direct sunlight or near heating sources like fireplaces and radiators.


Another way to preserve power is by closing apps that are not currently being used (this will also help prevent accidental clicks). You should also adjust the brightness on your screen to a comfortable level—the lower setting saves more power than having everything turned up high all day long! When not in use, turn off battery-draining functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and live wallpapers.


Finally, it's best that you charge your tablet's battery using the smart charger that comes with it.


Pair with a Bluetooth accessory

If you’re a fan of music, this is the best way to listen through your tablet. By using Bluetooth® technology, your tablet will pair with any compatible device and sync them together. For example, Bluetooth headphones.

To pair:

  • go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Stay on this screen until you complete the steps to pair your accessory.
  • Set your item to discovery mode and wait for it to show up on your device.
  • When your accessory's name displays onscreen, tap it to pair.
  • To disconnect:
  • Tap the “Unpair” button under the name of your paired device.


Get to know the user manual, guides, and other helpful resources.

The user manual and other various guides are a great place to start. They will tell you a lot about the device and how it works, but they also give an idea of what kinds of things your tablet can do.

In addition to user manuals and guides, there are also online forums where people discuss different aspects of their devices (such as how to solve particular problems). There are also many blogs out there that review different tablets from time to time; these reviews give first-hand information about what it's like using each model. In addition, Youtube has lots of videos featuring tips on using all sorts of electronic devices - including tablets!

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