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C84K Series | TCL 4K Mini-LED 144hz TV with QLED, Google TV and 2.1 Onkyo sound system

  • · TCL Mini-LED
  • · 4K HDR PREMIUM 2000
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FROM LIGHT COMES BEAUTY | TCL 4K Mini LED 144hz TV​ with QLED, Google TV​ and Onkyo 2.1.2 sound system

  • · TCL Mini LED OD5
  • · 4K HDR PREMIUM 2000​
  • · 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro
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POWERFULLY PRECISE | TCL 4K Mini-LED 144hz TV​ with QLED, Google TV​ and Onkyo 2.1 sound system

  • · TCL 4K Mini-LED
  • · 4K HDR PREMIUM 1000​
  • · 144Hz Motion Clarity Pro

TCL, the pioneer of Mini-LED technology

TCL is the pioneer of Mini-LED technology, now introducing its 4th generation with 5 major technological innovations : 16bit Ultra-precise Light Control, Round Halo LEDs, TCL Mini LED Direct Drive, Thousands of Mini LEDs with One Quality, Mini-LED backlight Demura.
All these five significant improvements on TCL Mini LED technology offer an even better visual experience to users with high and precise contrast, less blooming, high brightness, and a better uniformity.

16bit Ultra-precise Light Control

TCL Mini LED now features the 16bit Ultra-precise Light Control . Each TCL Mini LED has the same 16bit light level change. Based on this backlight, our Mini LED TVs can perform more delicate control of light and help LCD panel display richer colours and more picture details.

Round Halo LEDs

The new C Series TV with TCL Mini LED will emit a Round Halo (whereas the shape of halo emitted from conventional Mini LED is square). TCL Mini LED with circle round halo can display image with less blooming and less jagged. The edge of the image is displayed more delicately and smoothly, and the backlight zones are even invisible which enhance viewing experience.

TCL Mini LED Direct Drive

The TCL Mini LED Direct Drive reduces the traditional backlight delay on conventional Mini LED screens. TCL Mini LED Direct Drive could make this delay down to about 1 Frame (or 1/120 seconds, 0.0083 seconds) so that the after images could be hard to detect. Objects moving at high speed on screen will appear more clearly, without displaying shadows, which greatly improves the viewing experience.

Thousands of Mini LEDs with One Quality

A thousand Mini LEDs with One Quality. The 10,000 or so Mini LEDS have the same quality. It means these TCL Mini LEDs have the same deviation in voltage, power, and light wavelength so that when TV displaying a single-colour image is more uniform.

Mini-LED backlight Demura

Mura is the gray patches or light dirt that happen traditionally on an LCD Panel which would let the screen look dirty when displaying single-colour image. TCL Mini LED TVs Demura start from LED Backlight, no software correction needed. This makes the picture more uniform when the TVs display a single colour, especially when watching football games.

Greatness in Design

Following a minimalistic design ethos, TCL makes viewers focus on where it is meant to be: high-quality pictures. With sporting sleek and attractive slim-line aesthetics, refined finishes and minimal frames, your TCL television will fit with any decoration.

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